The Ultimate List of Gentleman Sports

At Gentleman Zone, we know that gentleman sports are a diverse group of athletic activities and games that involve a degree of competition and require speed, strength, and other physical skills and abilities, alongside logic, precision, and elegance.

Games of the gent help build a healthy and strong body and mind, while also providing entertainment, boost your mood, and reducing stress.

Every real gentleman has at least one favorite sport that he enjoys training and plays with a strong sense of himself.

Definition: A Gentleman’s Sport

What is gentleman game?

Gentleman sports are usually considered rough and tough, but also gentlemanly imply honor and class.

They don’t necessarily include violence, either – though if they do, the reason is not simply unruly behavior, but has deeper roots and is a question of principles, prestige, and undeniable leaders.

And there is a wide range of gentleman sports to prove manhood and power. Apart from regular and popular sports like football, rugby, or basketball, there are numerous other options to choose: from classic historic games like golf or cricket to modern recreational sports such as skiing, motorsport, and so on.

Here’s a list of the finest gentlemen sports to try out and even take up for the long term.


Why is golf considered a gentleman’s game? You’re not a proper gent if you’ve never played a round of golf!


Besides a steady pace sport, that develops patience, golf is also a way to connect with people. The main purpose in a golf game is to get the ball into the hole with as few shots as possible. This sport isn’t about winning – it’s about playing like a true gentleman.

Just make sure you follow the gentleman etiquette and rules of the game.


Simply put, polo is a sport played on horseback, but there’s so much etiquette, manners, and honor to it.

Gentlemen playing polo

Players use a mallet to hit a ball into a goal You play in a field or arena, and rules vary depending on where you play. It is a great sport to relieve stress and forget about everyday worries.

The game is so ingesting you have no time to think about anything else but polo!


Croquet clubs

Even though it’s not as thrilling as other sports, croquet is a great opportunity for the chivalrous, courteous, or honorable men to bring together strategic thinking and brute strength.

The main purpose of the game of croquet is to hit the balls through a series of hoops in the right order and win the game by being the first one to hit the center peg.

It’s a great opportunity to enjoy a sunny afternoon with like-minded people.


Is tennis a gentleman’s sport? Absolutely!tennis player

If you’re keen on “endlessly” hitting the ball, tennis is the right sport for you.

Tennis is a sport that exudes precision, elegance, determination, and strength, however, it shouldn’t be performed without a proper warm-up. It stimulates strategic thinking and other valuable qualities, so it definitely brings many mental benefits.

Whether you play as a single or a double, tennis is all about proper behavior and winning or losing like a real man of honor. Real gentlemen do not want to follow the steps of big tennis stars, but love the style.


Another exciting “hit the ball” type of a gentleman’s game is good old baseball.

Unlike tennis, this is a team sport. The primary goal of baseball is to score more points than the opponent’s team by touching all four bases. It’s a classy game played by gentlemen who know how to work together and respect other players. Also, having a pair of highly rated baseball sunglasses is a mandatory accessory for the gent sportsman.

And remember, there is no “I” in the team.


Why cricket is called gentleman’s game?

cricket player warming up

If you fancy a bit calmer and more elegant games, gather your pals for a game of cricket. Originally played b 17th century England aristocracy, it’s one of the oldest “gentleman sports” as it follows civilized rules and moral standards that allow you to show that you’re a real man at heart.

To play this fancy sport, you need two teams. One that bats a ball to score a point, while the other bowls to restrict the opponent from scoring. Fair play, respect, and genuine spirit of gentlemanship.


To be fair, not everyone is an outdoor sports kind of person. In addition, not every day is ideal for being outside.

a snooker play

If you want to indulge in a strategic sport that requires precision and logical thinking while staying indoors, snooker is the one for you.

The main objective is to strike a white ball to hit one of the balls aiming towards one of the six pockets.

There is a strong emphasis on integrity in the sport, and players are encouraged to serve as secondary referees.


Some sports don’t require a bat, racquet, or ball.

sailing in the blue

Sailing is a wonderful relaxing activity, yet one that requires strength, focus, and thorough know-how.

To practice, you just need an understanding of the wind and water and how to use them to your advantage. Try sailing if you want to feel like a prince of the waves.

It is a great way to spend time with your family away from the crowds, party with your friends or just relax on your deck while enjoying a peaceful holiday.

Sailing is also much more than just a hobby or sport. Besides the opportunities to choose where to go and what to do, it also offers a collection of health benefits.

Skiing &/Or Snowboarding


Who says sports that give an adrenaline rush aren’t gentleman sports?

Skiing or snowboarding in the fresh winter air is the perfect activity for the real thrill-seeker gentlemen who need to get their mind off the busy everyday life

These two are among the best sports to maintain good shape and mental health, and are fun activities you can happily do with your family.

So, skiing is an ideal combination of extreme sport and a winter holiday. A true gent is always active, even when he’s on vacation.


Is boxing a gentleman’s sport? By definition!

Boxing ring

Although ​​it’s a gentleman’s sport played by hooligans back in the days, boxing is a complex martial art with subtle but technical nuances that gets your adrenaline pumping.

Every move has a clear purpose – strike your opponent, but honorably.

People spend years learning how to master the technique of the sport. It is daunting how much time and effort truly learning how to box it takes.

There is no better way to show off your manly strength than by getting into a ring for a boxing match. To truly win a boxing match like a gentleman, you need to know how to build muscles.

Even though this sport seems violent, there are some new rules, so it developed great noble characteristics.


fencing game

If you like the feeling of standing in front of an opponent, but you’re not a fan of physical touch, a more elegant option would be fencing. Even though fencing dates back thousands of years ago, it didn’t become a sport until the 15th century.

Show off your chivalry by picking up a fencing sword and pit yourself against your opponent.


Even though bravery isn’t required to be a gentleman, it sure adds to the image.

Gentleman driving

Besides having a posh and classy style, besides educating yourself through quality websites, materials, and books, you should take care of your health and wellbeing. This is why motor-sport isn’t for everyone.

Simply put, speeding in the fast lane of the freeway isn’t brave nor gentlemanly, and it can endanger you and others.

Take your petrol-head to the real racetrack and drive at full speed in style.

Flying a Plane

Another option for those with a sense of adventure.

Gentleman flight pilots

If showing how brave you are is a defining characteristic for you, try flying a plane. Even if it seems more intimidating than simply driving a racing car on the ground, who would turn down the opportunity to make the sky his kingdom?

If you want to stand out in a crowd of gentlemen, learn the skill of flying a plane.


Is chess a gentleman’s game? How can a sport of intellect and strategy not be, right?

Chess play

Rules are simple, but tactical skills and respect for your opponent are necessary to truly excel on the board.

Skills gained from experience on the chessboard can be easily applied to everyday life. In chess, every move has a purpose that needs to be carefully considered. Remember this concept and apply it to every situation.

The potential positions in a chess game are more than the atoms in the universe, and each game is a chance to create something unique.

Chess is a game of gentlemen. When you win, shake your opponent’s hand and say “Good game.” It’s as simple as that. No gloating or showboating. No need for flashy or excessive gestures to celebrate your superiority. That’s chess etiquette, and it’s a code that any self-respecting man should know.


Taking a relaxing afternoon to cast your line and catch some fish is a fave of many fellows.

gent fishing alone

Fishing is not as complicated as it looks. It takes just proper gear, a license, and your desire to get on the water and try.

It’s the perfect leisure activity for any gentleman.

Gentleman Sports, Final Words

Being a gentleman isn’t  by style or manners only.

Indulging in sports and knowing how the gentleman gameplay is a great asset to manhood. It doesn’t matter what kind of sport you like.

It doesn’t have to be the popular one to show the world that you’re a gentleman. The only important thing is to act like one, and never to forget to play fair.

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