The Ultimate List of Gentleman Sports

There are so many activities we consider sports in the world. They can be categorised as individual or group, the ones that require speed, strength, elegance, logic, precision, and so on. However, the special kind of sports is known as gentleman sports.

Gentleman sports are usually characterised as rough and tough, but, most of them are also gentlemanly, with a touch of honour and class. They don’t have to include violence, either – though if they do, it’s not because of hooligans or unruly behaviour.

To prove your Manhood, you don’t need to indulge in regular “popular” sports such as football, rugby or basketball. Here’s a list of best gentleman sports to stick to.

1. Golf

You’re not a real gentleman if you haven’t tried playing a round of golf! Besides being a steady pace sport, that develops patience, golf is also a way of connecting with people. The main goal of golf is to get the ball into the hole by using as few shots as possible. This sport isn’t about winning; it’s about playing like a gentleman.

2. Polo

Simply put, polo is a sport played on the horseback. Players use a mallet for hitting a ball into a goal. It can be played in a field or arena and rules vary depending on where you play. It is a great sport if you want to relieve stress. The game is so consuming you have no time to think about anything else but Polo!

3. Croquet

Even though it’s not as thrilling as polo, croquet is a great opportunity to show your strategic thinking and brute strength. The main purpose of the game of croquet is to hit the balls through a series of hoops in the right order and win the game by being the first one to hit the centre peg. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy a sunny afternoon with like-minded people.

4. Tennis

If you’re keen on “endlessly” hitting the ball, tennis is the right sport for you. It’s a sport that exudes precision, elegance, determination, and strength, however, it shouldn’t be performed without a proper warm-up. No gentleman doesn’t want to follow the steps of big tennis stars. Whether you play it as single or double, tennis is all about proper behaviour and winning and losing like a gentleman.

5. Baseball

Another exciting “hit the ball” sport is baseball. Unlike tennis, this is a team sport. The Baseball Stop defines the goal simply when they say: The main goal of baseball is to score more points than the opponent’s team by touching all four bases. It’s a classy game played by gentlemen who know how to work together. Remember, there is no “I” in the team.

6. Cricket

If you fancy a bit slower and more elegant games, gather your pals for a game of cricket. It’s one of the oldest “gentleman sports” as it has very civilised rules that allow you to show that you’re a real man at heart. To play this fancy sport, you need two teams. One that will bat a ball to score a point while the other bowls to restrict the opponent from scoring.

7. Snooker

To be fair, not everyone is an outdoor sports person. In addition to that, not every day is ideal for being outside. If you want to indulge in a strategic sport that requires precision and logical thinking while staying indoors, snooker is the one for you. The main objective is to strike a white ball to hit one of the balls aiming towards one of the six pockets.

8. Sailing

Some sports don’t require a bat, racquet, or ball. Try sailing if you want to feel like the prince of the waves. The good thing is that you don’t need strength and special skill to sail. All you need is the understanding of the wind and water and how to use them for your advantage.

9. Skiing


Nobody said that sports that give you adrenaline rush aren’t gentlemanly. Skiing in fresh winter air while you’re staying focused on the trail is an excellent way to get your mind of the busy everyday life. Every gentleman needs some time off to relax and focus on his goals. So, skiing is an ideal combination of extreme sport and winter holiday. The real gentleman is always active, even when he’s on vacation.

10. Boxing

Talking about adrenaline, boxing is one of the greatest ways to get the adrenaline pumping. There is no better way to show off your manly strength than by getting into a ring for a boxing match. To truly win a boxing match like a gentleman, you need to know how to build muscles. Even though this sport seems violent, modern rules are made so it develops great noble characteristics.

11. Fencing

In case you like the feeling of standing in front of an opponent, but you’re not a fan of physical touch, more elegant option would be fencing. Even though fencing was invented thousands of years ago, it didn’t become a sport until the 15th century. Show off your chivalry by picking up a fencing sword and pit yourself against your opponent.

12. Motorsport

Even though bravery isn’t required to be a gentleman, it sure adds to the image. Besides having a posh and classy style, besides educating yourself through quality websites, materials, and books, you should take care of your health and wellbeing. This is why motorsport isn’t for everyone. Simply, speeding in the fast lane of the motorway isn’t brave nor gentlemanly, and it can endanger you and others. Take your petrol-head to the real racetrack and drive full speed with style.

13. Flying a plane

If showing how brave you are is a defining characteristic for you, try flying a plane. Even if flying a plane seems more intimidating than safely operating a racing car on the ground, who would turn down the opportunity to make the sky his kingdom? If you want to stand out in a crowd of gentlemen, learn the skill of flying the plane.


Being a gentleman isn’t only defined by style or manners. Indulging in sports and knowing how to properly and classily act on the field is a great plus for your manhood. It doesn’t matter what kind of sport you like. It doesn’t have to be the popular one to show the world that you’re a gentleman. The only important thing is to act like one and never to forget to play fair.

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