The Proper Warm Up

It doesn’t matter if it’s your new year’s resolution or by now you’ve had your fair share of workouts one thing that your should know how to do is to warm up.
It prevents you from injuries and unwanted pains and it’s also a  good way to start the workout. With the appropriate warm up you set yourself for the perfect workout.

Now, what many people consider a good warm up is basically stretching a little bit just to feel some blood flowing but that is so wrong.
Actually, there is no worse start of a work out than stretching. It’s basically a recipe for injuries.
Think about it. Why would you want to stretch your joints before lifting weights? It’s completely bizarre!

The Proper Warm Up

The proper warm up begins when you are going out of breath. It should be intense and short (no longer than 5 minutes) but it should make you want to quit. If you want to, or need to you can make it longer or shorter, but one thing that should stay the same is the intensity.
Your goal is to make blood flow into your muscles, not stretch the space between your joints.

The Exercises

The best exercises that you can do are the ones that you know since you were a kid. Here they are:

  • Jump Rope
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Hip Rotations and Extensions
  • Bodyweight Squats
  • Forward and Backward Leg Swings
  • Push Ups
  • Lunges

See! The best warm-up can be done with the basic exercises that you know. You just need to focus on intensity and form while you do them.


You can vary your warm up with the above-mentioned exercises as much as you please and adjust it according to your current state and the workout you are going to be doing.


• Jump Rope – 2 minutes
• 15 Push Ups
• Jumping Jacks – 2 minutes
• Hip Rotations and Extensions

• Jumping Jacks – 3 minutes
• Hip Rotations and Extensions
• 20 Push Ups
• 20 Bodyweight Squats

After you do your warm up you’ll head on to lifting some weights. I know it feels great to start working with heavy weights immediately but don’t. If you have trained before then you know it’s the worst thing that you can do to your body and joints.
Instead start with either just the bar or the lightest dumbells that you can find and practice your movement for 15 to 20 reps. That way you’ll prepare your muscles, joints and basically your whole body for the movements you are going to do.

Final Words

What is your warm up? Share it with us bellow!

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