The Gentleman Guide to Perfect Sex

Whether we admit, sex is one of the most important things in life. No matter how erotic and sensual we are, sex is one of those things weary for, and it is the duty and job of the stronger partner to act and excel in gentleman sex.

However, no matter how good at sex you think you are, and what herbs to boost libido you use, there is a substantial difference between having a regular carnal act or poorly refined sex and having sex as a true gentleman. The latter is the one that differentiates you from the crowd thus earns you both lust and respect.

If you really want to be a gentleman in bed, menstyle magazineGentleman Zone helps you look at how to approach sex as a gentleman:

What is Perfect Gentleman Sex

The perfect gentleman sex is a combination of spiritual and physical copulation, an act full of passion, romance, and unquestionable respect for your partner.

True gentleman sex is intercourse where the dominant holds high regard for the comfort, pleasure, and feelings for his or her lover. Being a gentleman for sex expands beyond the act itself.

The essence of gentlemen love (and sex) comes down to honest flirt, true companionship, wrapped up in a lovely dinner, a pleasant talk, breakfast in the morning or a simple cup of coffee.

Unfortunately, most men cannot grasp why one can’t have  ‘sex without strings’, ‘one-night stands’, ‘friends with benefits’, and the likes, without the minor semblance of affection or care, before and after the physical act itself.

Why Fuck as a Gentleman

Because there is nothing more sexual and thrilling than a partner with high sexual intelligence that can push you in the corner without hurting your dignity nor self-esteem.

How to Ask for Sex like a Gentleman

The real gentlemen don’t ask for sex, but one can ignite interest and lust. The real gentleman will only hint.

Say it without saying it.

Things a Gentleman Should NOT do in Bed and Sex:

  • Rush over foreplay
  • Enter stinky
  • Be selfish
  • Lay plan still
  • Don’t criticize
  • Keep your work life out
  • Keep ex partners out of the storyline
  • Mistake the wrong names
  • Don’t let it hurt
  • Forget your phone
  • Yelling too much
  • Mentioning your mom
  • Ask you to wear unappropriated or sick lingerie
  • Awkward dirty talk
  • Swear
  • Talk too much of gentleman sports

Things a Gentleman Should NEVER Ask during Sex

It’s been said that women don’t like it when men ask the wrong question during sex.

Being free enough to talk about sex with a partner is cool, and that is the extent of intimacy all partners should aspire to but some situations can go good to worse if you say the wrong thing.

What not to ask:

  • Details about weight
  • Jokes about body imperfections
  • Are you cumming
  • Who’s your daddy
  • Don’t ask questions about your size

You can turn your partner off with questions of this nature and would rather have you stay off the subject and not kill the mood.

Tips for Gentlemen Sex:

The body has an automatic reflex called the ejaculatory reflex, which is when the man cums. There are ways to mitigate or postpone this reflex – by taking a deep breath, etc. You could also take breaks during intercourse to slow yourself down. Try thinking about something non-erotic to distract yourself.

Flirt the Right Way

With gentlemanly sex, flirting plays a huge role as not only will you be setting the mood for the actual activity, but you will hint at who you are as a person. There’s nothing that screams more “gentleman” than staying true to who you are.

Flirting is one of the first obstacles you encounter, and it’s here that many fellow lovers fail. However, you can overcome this by paying attention to the person sitting in front of you, listening, and, as already mentioned, being honest.

However, make sure you don’t appear too friendly. Know when to compliment, when to ask and show interest, and when to listen and give your own feedback.

Be a Straight Shooter

There’s one thing that differentiates a true gentleman from all the other guys, and that is honesty.

Honesty is a quality that every single living person cherishes, and showing honesty from the first moment is definitely one of the safest ways to play this game. Being a straight shooter is being the guy who’s not afraid to say what’s on his mind.

Look around—how many people do you know misled into love?

Probably a lot, and unfortunately, this is something that happens quite a lot. Being able to say “I like you”, “I enjoy spending time with you”, or “Let’s see how this goes” and “I’m not so into you” really tells a lot about you, and even though these sentences might seem as too much or too intimate for some, they will show your benevolent nature which is one thing a real gentleman lacks not.

Be Non-judgmental

Being too judgmental and picky is one thing that can really ruin a fantasy for anyone. It is important to note that every one of us has a certain style, a certain sex vibe we emit, and certain fetishes that we would like to incorporate into the actual activity.

Bearing this in mind, never be the guy who will judge other people for the things they like.

There are two ways—you can either let it go saying that that’s just not your cup of tea and move on or opt to try it out. You never know if you like something until you try it, right?

Beware of the Unspoken

It’s not a secret that the body language tells a lot about a certain situation, and based on your partner’s body language, you will say if they are into you, not quite into you, or a lot into you, which can make certain things obvious.

To play it safe and know where you stand, it’s important to look closely at how they act. For example, cuddling after sex is an obvious sign that your partner likes you, and this is a piece of information that might mean a lot to you and tell you how to proceed.

Those little signs, like playing with their hair while talking and looking you straight in the eye.

A true gentleman knows all the signs and speaks the body language of people, so keep your eyes open and focus on the details that will reveal a big deal about the person you’re talking to.

Sex Toys for Adult Gentlemen

One thing that most guys won’t dare to try (but should) is sex toys for men, even though they can enhance both sexual performance and pleasure. Having an open mind about sex toys or fetishes is yet another quality of a true gentleman—they want to try everything, but never brag about it.

Final Words

Having sex is, let’s say, easy. Anyone can have sex, but not everyone can have great sex. Being a real gentleman in bed is one of the best ways to prove yourself as someone worthy. This doesn’t mean that a gentleman cannot be wild and rough in bed—play with your options, be a bit of this and a little of that, but care about your partner.

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