Herbs to Boost Testosterone Naturally and Quickly

Where do men’s strength, energy, and confidence come from?

The answer is testosterone – the most important male sex hormone. It’s crucial to gentlemen because of its key part in sexual drive, reproductive abilities, bone and muscle mass, fat loss, and overall physical health. All this has a determinative impact on the mind and self-esteem of a man.

So, it’s no surprise why a drop in testosterone levels has numerous negative effects on you, mates.

A normal cause for low testosterone is age progression. But, are you aware that stress, diet, none or too much physical activity, and general lifestyle also lead to feeling less of a man?

Lucky for you, there are ways to cope with insufficient testosterone.

Is there a natural way to produce more of the hormone, you’ll ask. Yes!

Herbs are an organic solution to improve and balance testosterone levels. We suggest you choose herbs instead of supplements or testosterone therapy, which do more harm than good to you. They are risky and have many side effects, like acne, nausea, liver damage, gynecomastia (enlarged breasts), even depression.

That’s why we at Gentleman Zone have made up a list of little-known herbs that help you increase the levels of your power source – testosterone.

Importance of Testosterone to a Man’s Physical and Mental Wellness

Before we explain the benefits of the herbs on testosterone, let’s see why the hormone is necessary to the male organism and perfect gentleman sex. It is actually a hormone with a diversity of functions, even in females.

These are testosterone’s most important roles in a man’s body:

  • Reproductive system. Thanks to testosterone, during puberty you transform from a teenage boy to an adult man. This means that your prostate, testicles, and penis, will fully develop. The seminal fluid also acquires the components of a mature male. And you become a real man, ready to make a generation.
  • Libido. As the main sex hormone, testosterone is the one that makes you want to have sex. So, it’s good to maintain healthy t-levels to impress your partner. A curious fact is that the more sex you have, the higher the testosterone levels will be.
  • Bone and muscle mass. Normal t-levels make your bones strong and prevent osteoporosis (bone weakness). The hormone also takes a central role in the physiological development of muscle mass after your workouts.
  • Fat loss. Testosterone not only shapes and strengthens you but it reduces excess fat too. This way the risk of serious diseases lowers while you look fit and attractive.
  • Red blood cells. Testosterone activates erythropoietin which is a glycoprotein responsible for red blood cell production. This physiological process supplies your tissues with oxygen. This is one of the main factors that keep you healthy and contributes to slow aging.

These vital features are a part of what defines you as a man.

A testosterone deficit causes plenty of health and mental concerns, the most important of which is infertility.

It’s now clear why you shouldn’t underestimate the low levels of this hormone.

Herbs That Increase Testosterone

You should know that boosting your testosterone levels takes time and requires patience.

But the following herbs are capable to create higher t-levels in a quick and natural way.

1. Tribulus Terrestris (Puncturevine / Devil’s Weed / Goat’s Head / Bindi)

This tropical herb is widely used in folk medicine. Tribulus Terrestris stimulates the Lydig cells in the testicle to produce more testosterone and improve sperm concentrations. This results in increased sex drive and fertilizing abilities. The herb is also popular with athletes and sportsmen because of its benefits on muscle mass and strength.

You can drink tea or take capsules that contain extracts from the fruits, leaves, or the root of the herb. Take no more than 1,5 mg per day because bigger amounts cause unpredictable consequences.

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2. Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia / Malaysian Ginseng)

This powerful aphrodisiac increases testosterone by releasing it from a Sex Hormone Binding Globulin – a protein that when bound to the hormone blocks its function. The Asian herb has similar qualities to the previous one – great for libido, fertility and good shape. But there’s more. It has positive effects on aging, boosts energy, mood, and concentration. The root is also useful to reduce depression, fatigue, and high blood pressure.

The recommended dose per day is 600mg.

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3. Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera / Indian Ginseng /Winter Cherry)

Ashwagandha is an ancient medicinal herb. It is referred to as “the smell of the horse” because of its specific scent and ability to make you stronger.

Taking the herb for a particular period of time results in increased sperm motility, counts, and ejaculate volume. That’s why the Indian Ginseng is the most effective herb for infertility treatment.

Let’s not forget about the beneficial influence of the herb on your muscles. It makes them tough and resistant.

A great thing about Ashwagandha is that it improves the overall health, including the immune system, blood sugar, tension, memory, etc.

The advised intake is 400-500mg. once or twice a day.

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4. Maca Root (Peruvian Ginseng)

This is the third listed ginseng after the Malaysian and the Indian ones. And with no difference to them, this herb is proven to increase testosterone and improve sexual performance. It grows in the Andes in Peru where it’s used as a natural way to brace up a man and make him capable to impregnate a woman.

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5. Yohimbe (Yohimbine / Pausinystalia Yohimbe)

The herb is a widely used African aphrodisiac. According to studies, it has the same effects on a guy as the well-known Viagra. But Sildenafil (Viagra) as a medicine, has its side effects.

Тransform into a sex god without doing any harm to your organism by choosing Yohimbe. It’s the best herb that increases sexual desires in men.

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6. Horny Goat Weed (Yin Yang Hou / Epimedium)

This gentle plant with yellow flowers and a funny name comes from Asia. The herb is a testosterone mimetic – it has the same function as the hormone. It could be said that when taking it, you double your testosterone activity.

Horny Goat Weed also stimulates the blood flow to the penis, thus helps erection. The herb also makes the recovery between erections quicker and prepares you for the next round.

Now you understand where its name comes from.

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7. Rhodiola Rosea (Rosavin / Golden Root / Rose Rot)

Rhodiola Rosea is a beautiful plant found across the earth. It’s a herb with an adaptogenic activity. It means that it helps you resist a physiological disturbance. This is how the herb fights low testosterone levels.

Rhodiola Rosea also keeps normal amounts of the hormone after extreme workouts. As mentioned earlier these cause a testosterone drop.

Another great side of the herb is it protects testosterone from oxidative stress, thanks to its antioxidant activity.

A gentleman’s enhanced emotional state is a bonus result from the activity of the herb in the organism. And testosterone is high in men who don’t struggle with depression.

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8. Moringa Oleifera (Drumstick Tree)

Thriving in the Himalayas, this herb acts as a superfood because of the numerous health profits of its seeds. One of them is the rise in testosterone levels and improved libido. It’s found to be most helpful in older men. So this is one more herbal aphrodisiac to use instead of Viagra.

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9. Passiflora Incarnate (Purple Passionflower / Chrysin)

This plant is as powerful as it’s beautiful. In male organisms, the herb has the activity of an aromatase inhibitor. Sound’s funky but we’ll explain.

Aromatase is an enzyme that converts testosterone in estrogen and it decreases its levels. So, by inhibiting it, Passiflora Incarnate manages insufficient amounts of the hormone.

If you are a fellow in your 50s-60s, or older, and feel like the age has started taking its toll, choose Passionflower herb. It will make you feel a young and active man again.

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10. Saw Palmetto (Serenoa Repens)

Saw Palmetto is a small palm tree-like plant that grows in the Southeastern United States. This plant benefits your testosterone levels by acting similar to the herb above. Its target is another enzyme.

Saw Palmetto slows down 5-alpha reductase and thus blocks it from decreasing the t-levels. The herb has impressive effects on sexual performance, sperm count, and reproductive health.

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11. Pine Bark Extract (Pycnogenol)

It might be surprising but the extract of pine bark known as pycnogenol is a very effective natural way to treat erectile dysfunction. It increases testosterone and improves circulation which is crucial to the erection. The boosted t-levels impact your muscles. Use Pine Bark Extract to be strong and long-running in bed and in the gym.

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12. Creeping Butea (Butea Superba)

This plant has exotic flame-like flowers and is another herbal remedy to stimulate your testosterone production. Even in low doses, the herb is more than enough to contribute to a man’s sexual enhancement and energy.

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13. Akarkara Root (Anacyclus Pyrethrum)

Akarkara root is another great example of aphrodisiacs on the list. It’s widely used in Indian culture because of its remarkable abilities to boost male libido.

An alkalamide in the Arkarkara root triggers the hypothalamus to release hormones that stimulate testosterone production. Thanks to this, the herb is great to help you feel like a real man.

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14. Shilajit (Mumijo / Mineral Wax)

This weird and sticky substance is a traditional Indian herb with plenty of uses. One of them is its influence on a man’s t-levels. Results from studies show that Shilajit extract has significant effects on floating testosterone.

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15. Basella Alba (Indian / Malabar Spinach)

Combined with hibiscus, Basella Alba is a great choice to treat infertility. It has striking effects on the amount of testosterone in your organism and enhances your sexual and fertilizing powers.

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16. Garlic (Allium Sativum)

Well, garlic also has its place on this list. It’s the easiest to get herb that boosts testosterone. When you cook, use a clove or two more than usual. This is more than enough to increase and balance the hormone, plus it prevents quite a lot of diseases.

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17. Ginger (Zingiber Officinale)

Alongside garlic, ginger is another testosterone booster that you can buy from the grocery store at the corner. Isn’t it great?

This powerful (almost magical) natural gift has numerous benefits for your body. It will also contribute to high levels of the sex hormone. Ginger makes you a stronger and healthier man.

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Remember to always consult with a doctor about which herb to choose because your hormone levels are important and you shouldn’t play with them.

But, of course, this shouldn’t stop you from letting nature takes its course. With the right herb, you will have and maintain the needed testosterone levels. And sufficient testosterone results in a powerful and confident gentleman.

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