The Proper Way to Wear a Sweater

Wearing a sweater in the cold weather is the best thing you can do.

A sweater is as comfortable and stylish as it can get. The knitted perfection that you can style in hundreds of ways needs it’s own article because it’s not as easy as you might think.

In the past, men have used sweaters to keep away the harsh cold of the winter and stay warm, nowadays we use them for the same thing, and we also want to look good in them.

The Fit

We’ve said it numerous times and we will say it until the whole world knows:

Fit is the most important thing you should keep attention to if you want to look good.

Got it? Great!

the-sweaters-fitThe fit of a sweater should be nothing short of perfect. Here is a good place to say that you probably shouldn’t hang knitwear on hangers. After a while, they tend to stretch and lose their form, so it’s best if you store them folded in your wardrobe.

The length of the sleeves should be just reaching  the beginning of your wrist, no longer.

Your shoulders should line perfectly with the seam of the sweater. Anything bellow is too big and vice versa.

The perfect length of the sweater should reach just in the middle of your crotch. If it fully covers your zipper/buttons of your pants then it’s too long. If you can see your belt then it’s too short.

The Style

As mentioned above the sweater is really versatile. It can be combined with anything from jeans to a suit and it will still look great. Down you can see some of our top picks:

Final Words

Filling comfortable in a sweater is something every man should enjoy. We would love to hear your thoughts and how you like to wear yours.

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