5 Reasons Why You Suck in Bed

Women can be dissapointed too

You do realize you could always do better, right? Even if you’ve racked up an enviable score record over the years, the sheer number of your conquests doesn’t portray your true bedroom (or kitchen table) prowess. It might simply mean that you’re good-looking or you have a couple of good pickup lines up

The Proper Warm Up

It doesn’t matter if it’s your new year’s resolution or by now you’ve had your fair share of workouts one thing that your should know how to do is to warm up. It prevents you from injuries and unwanted pains and it’s also a  good way to start the workout. With the appropriate warm

Beginners Guide to Building Muscles


People go to the gym usually with the same goal in mind, and that is to build muscle. Entering a gym for the first time and seeing all those buffed and ripped guys can be a little frightening. Especially if you are a novice when it comes to lifting weights. But even those