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Best Essential Oils for Men

Essential oils are your ticket to easy self-care. They have so many benefits that you’ll be in a hurry to get a set of oils and try them right away. Wonder what’s all the buzz about essential oils? They can relieve stress and headaches, induce better sleep, help with digestion, hair loss, or skin conditions, […]

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Etiquette Tips for Tradesmen and Clients

Once in a while, your home needs some maintenance or repair. This is when tradesmen come to play, be it installers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, cleaners, etc.  Professionals should be capable of fixing problems quickly, with the best results. Keeping a particular deadline is crucial to the competent handyman. Such jobs require more than just completing […]

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James Bond’s Style Mistakes

While Bond is one of the best dressed characters on the big screen, Ian Fleming’s character has had his fair share of bad outfits. Here are the worst in our opinion.

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