Wedding Attire for Men

How to dress for a wedding.

It’s the wedding season. As a well-dressed man, you just need to look impeccable for one of the most important days of the life of your friend, or yours. After all, you want to be remembered as the best-dressed guy at the wedding, don’t you? Your wedding style should be perfect, tailored to

Contemporary Styles All Men Should Avoid

Contemporary styles all men should avoid

Fashion is changing faster than ever before. With social media and the internet at our fingertips, people have the chance to share their perspective of style for the world to see. It doesn’t matter if the outfit is amazing, or totally fucked up, there is something for everyone and that’s why almost anyone

How Badly do You Want to be Successful?

How to bad do you want to succeed

This is a guest post from Mathews McGarry from In a dog-eat- dog world, men are under tremendous pressure to be successful. It is true that every dog can have its day, but the question is how to stretch it and accomplish something both meaningful and lasting. Well, you know what they

Edison’s Bowtie Review

Edison's Bowtie in collaboration with Gentleman Zone

Just like any well-dressed man, I enjoy having my fair choice of high-end bowties. Just like any university student, I don’t like splashing hundreds of dollars for accessories. That’s when the team from Edison’s Bowtie reached out to me and asked me to review their accessories, so I agreed. The people from Edison’s

How to be Fly AF This Summer

How to be fly as hell this summer

There’s a distinct difference between being fly and being a douchebag. You don’t want to be a douchebag, even if that is your natural propensity, because douchebags get nowhere with the ladies and eventually wind up being shunned by the crowd. Being fly AF year-round entails a perfect mixture of personality traits paired

Bimbesbox – The Wooden Cardholder

The wooden cardholder

We all need to have some kind of an accessory to keep our cards and some spare cash. I’ve been on the market to find a nice cardholder, that isn’t huge and it’s comfortable to carry around instead of a wallet. This is where the guys from Bimbesbox got in touch with me and asked

Ilhami Gözcü

The Interview: With Ilhami Gozku

Hello, Ilhami. It’s such a pleasure for us to do this interview! Can you tell us something about yourself, present yourself, if you will? Hey, this is İlhami Gözcü from Istanbul, Turkey. I am an engineer and I love being an engineer. Analytic thinking really helps me in all areas of my life.