5 Reasons Why You Suck in Bed

You do realize you could always do better, right? Even if you’ve racked up an enviable score record over the years, the sheer number of your conquests doesn’t portray your true bedroom (or kitchen table) prowess. It might simply mean that you’re good-looking or you have a couple of good pickup lines up your sleeve, but that doesn’t mean your sex life is what it can be.

Therefore, when it comes down to business, more likely than not, you’re below adequate. But don’t worry, most men are, yet all of that is going to change for you today. Get ready to become a lovemaking stallion with these five solutions to your bedroom problems!

You are selfish

Sure, it’s nice to get sucked off for 15-20 minutes, after which you’ll get straight down to business without you repaying the effort, followed by you finishing rather quickly in an extraordinary display of bedroom mediocrity. Don’t expect the girl to call you again, by the way.

You need to stop imagining that you’re the lead in a high-budget porn scene, and start paying attention to your partner! Stop being selfish and rather than letting her (or him) do all the work, get down on all fours and start giving back. When you do get down to business, listen to her body and for god’s sake, don’t stop!

You finish too quickly

Speaking of going till the morning light, it might not be easy, but you can learn it if you apply yourself! You might not be suffering from PE but nevertheless, nothing is worse than a man who is unable to last at least for 10 minutes ‒ and even that’s way too short.

So, start exercising, get your blood pumping, tighten up your core, increase your stamina and work capacity, become stronger and with it, your confidence will rise, you won’t go out of breath and your increased testosterone levels will make your next-door neighbors call the exorcist!

Do you ever leave the bedroom?

You should experiment during sex

When was the last time you took the action outside of the bedroom? Sure, you might not have the opportunity if you’re still living with your parents, but even then, there are loads (pun intended) of exciting and daring things you can do to make her blood boil and yearn for more.

Next time you’re feeling like doing some “roadside construction”, take her in the kitchen or in the bathroom, but don’t let her turn around, just start caressing her and kissing the back side of her neck, back and thighs ‒ you know the rest.

Do you experiment? At all?

In order to develop a deeper understanding of sex and familiarize yourself with the endless possibilities and exciting opportunities out there, you need to start experimenting on yourself more. Not only should you experiment with different fantasies and come up with arousing games you could dazzle your partner with, but you should also research and implement various sex toys in your private routine in order to boost your sex life, heighten your senses, and open your eyes to a whole new world of adventurous possibilities.

You don’t respect her

You should respect your lady

Women are complicated, okay, but men are stupid. So, there is your moral of the story, don’t be stupid and start listening to her needs. Don’t just think about what’s under her clothes, think about what she likes and what she needs in order to get in the mood, and actually reach an orgasm or two if you play your cards right.

It’s not easy to concentrate on her words when her cleavage is staring you in the face, but if you want to be her hero, you need to know what sets her off. More often than not, women want a sensitive beast, so not only do you have to pull her hair and grab her waist like one, you also have to know when she’s had enough and for god’s sake, don’t fall asleep right after!

All of these problems are a sign of a poor lover, but if you master their solutions, you will become the talk of the block and her every wet tingle that electrifies her entire body when she thinks of you. Now go get her, you stallion!

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