Does Turkesterone Increase Testosterone?

At Gentleman Zone we notice that recently, the compound Turkesterone is taking over the fitness and bodybuilding industry, and many seem to wonder why there is such a massive hype around this peculiar supplement?

Having some in the community asking for it, here’s what e found out. 

Commonly referred to as Ecdysteroid, or simply ECDY, Turkesterone is a natural steroid product that owns potent abilities to speed up recovery from training, enhance muscle growth, and boost energy. 

Many people claim that adding Turkesterone to their exercise program and diet regime  increases metabolism and fat burning, reduces fatigue, elevates strength, stamina, and improves overall athletic performance. 

And all this is said to come without any side effects.

  • But is this really the case, or is it just publicity? 
  • How exactly does Turkesterone impact your organism and physique? 
  • And a question that concerns many gentlemen – is it capable of increasing testosterone?

Our article provides answers to these questions and more details about Turkesterone and the man’s body. 

So, before deciding to take the supplement, read through our guide to find out more about Turkesterone use, effects, and safety.

Turkesterone Compound Explained

As noted at, the compound is also known as the Ajuga Turkestanica extract and belongs to the group of the most common and biologically active Ecdysteroids.

  • It’s a naturally occurring compound with anabolic and adaptogenic effects. 
  • Turkesteone has powerful properties to promote muscle growth that come from its specific chemical structure. 
  • It’s similar to the structure of androgens, including testosterone – the male reproductive hormone. 

Despite that, Turkesterone doesn’t bind to the same receptors as androgens, so it doesn’t cause side effects like synthetic steroids do. Moreover, Turkesteorone is not an artificial hormone and can’t get involved in hormone replacement therapies.

Studies also claim that the natural compound shows positive effects on the human mind and relieves stress, anxiety, and exhaustion.

Where Does Turkesterone Come From?

Turkesterone is also considered a phytoecdysteroid because it’s naturally found in plants and arthropods. Common plants containing the supplement are 

Leuza rhaptonticum sp., Rhaponticum carthamoides, Cyanotis vaga, Ajuga Turestanica, and the herb Suma (Brazilian Ginseng or Pfaffia) that grow mainly in Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, and Siberia.

The compound is also present in foods like spinach, sweet potatoes, quinoa, and more. However, these foods contain Turkesterone in deficient concentrations. 

Does Turkesterone Boost Testosterone Levels?

Now on to the essential question. Can testosterone raise your testosterone like natural herbs do?

The answer is no, yes, and just maybe, Turkesterone doesn’t increase testosterone production and concentrations in the blood. On the contrary, because of its steroid nature and anabolic capabilities, the compound was even thought to lower testosterone. But that’s also incorrect. too.

The truth is, Turkesterone doesn’t affect testosterone natural synthesis in the male body in any way, but it can affect systems that do.

Synthetic anabolic steroids are variations of testosterone, so when you take them, your body stops producing testosterone, since it’s getting it from the outside.

Therefore, steroid use disrupts normal hormone formation in the body and causes low testosterone, alongside a decrease in other hormone levels.

Yet, despite its steroid structure, Turkesterone doesn’t act like testosterone in the body, and the organism doesn’t consider it as such, thus continues producing testosterone, so Turkesterone supplementation doesn’t lower testosterone levels.

Still, some recent research analysis suggests that Turkesterone use may help with the maintenance of healthy/physiological testosterone concentrations in the blood.

Benefits/Effects of Turkesterone

So, Turkesterone may not increase your testosterone, but it still has other beneficial abilities, and it’s much safer than anabolic steroids.

    • Turkesterone enhances exercise performance and muscle growth. The compound promotes leucine uptake in muscle cells, which increases muscle protein synthesis and results in a positive nitrogen balance, preventing muscle breakdown. Check out the study.
    • Turkesterone helps with better muscle-to-fat ratio and body composition. The supplement aids digestion and reduces cholesterol and blood sugar levels, so it improves the functions of the immune system, liver, and heart. Check out the study.
    • Turkesterone reduces anxiety and mental burnout feelings. As an adaptogen, it affects mental health positively, alleviating stress and anxiety. Check out the study.
  • Turkesterone studies show that it improves antioxidant status and neurotransmitter production.

Side Effects of Turkesterone

There are no serious side effects to warrant any concern about Turkesterone supplementation. Since it doesn’t bind to androgen receptors, the compound doesn’t cause any of the worrying steroidal side effects, such as changes in mood, weight, sleep, skin health, hair growth, libido, appetite, and so on.

Some people report nausea, upset stomach, dizziness, and digestive issues after Turkesterone use. Don’t take the supplement on empty stomach and always stick to dosage recommendations to avoid these side effects.

Turkesterone & Testosterone, Final Thoughts

Turkesterone is a naturally occurring extract from plants and arthropods behaving similarly to anabolic steroids, so it has powerful abilities to induce muscle growth.

Yet, Turkesterone doesn’t link to androgen receptors, which explains why it doesn’t affect testosterone production and levels in the body.

Turkesterone doesn’t increase or lower blood testosterone. It may only contribute to physiological testosterone synthesis. Either way, passion for gentleman sports is always a guarantee to raise your gentlemanship levels and that’s sure manlihood beyond looks!

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