Moving Day Etiquette: What Movers Want You To Know

Relocation is a stressful process, and general tradesman etiquette can make a difference. Proper preparation and knowledge of helpful tips can make moving easier for you, your family, and the professional moving crew.

There are some unspoken rules of relocation etiquette you may or may not be aware of, depending on your moving experience.

In this guide by Gentleman Zone, you will learn what’s the proper moving etiquette and what movers wish they could tell.

Familiarize With Your Moving Company’s Policy On Helping

It seems normal to land your movers a hand, right?

However, each company has its own policy on help from clients, as enterprises and tradesmen are legally bound to protect customers and possessions from unnecessary injuries and damage.

No matter your good intentions, keep in mind that assistance with heavy lifting, light items, narrow hallways, or unloading process may not be welcome nor appropriate for moving men tipping etiquette. You may end up slowing down movers and even cause an incident with them heavy items. Good relocation etiquette requires one to address the help issue during the pre-move screening process, so there are no awkward interactions on the actual moving day.

Address Any Parking Restrictions

Movers need to ‌park trucks in near proximity to your new home. Otherwise, tipping etiquette when moving into a new apartment or house bounds clients to cover the parking ticket or fee applied to vehicles.

Blocking a driveway can cause commotion, and that isn’t the best way to say goodbye to your current neighbors. It is best to warn people beforehand.

Avoid parking on or near neighbors’ driveways and blocking the street. If you can’t find another option, we suggest you let them know ahead of time, so they can plan accordingly.

It applies to your new place and neighbors, so don’t forget to give them a heads-up as well.

Do Your Part in Moving

Here we address following through with your commitments. It comes up to you to:

  • Disconnect appliances;
  • Disassemble beds and gym equipment;
  • Remove mirrors from dressers and cabinets. Also, if you live in a house;
  • Empty your lawnmower’s gas tank;
  • Have your BBQ grill tank professionally purged and certified.

While most professional removalists take care of bed frames and mirrors, for liability reasons, they may refuse to deal with electrical appliances, exercise equipment, and flammable substances like gasoline and propane.

That being said, if you didn’t have the chance to finish your tasks, moving etiquette binds you to let the company know, so they can schedule additional services or increase the crew size.

Finish Packing Before Moving Day

Moving day is here.

You pack yourself, and before you know it, you’ve bitten more than you can chew.

Movers may be excellent at hiding it, but they get annoyed when they walk into a property that’s days away from being ready for a move, comments Fantastic Removals. Leaving unpacked items and having your movers sit around and wait is a recipe for a tense and possibly more expensive situation.

Naturally, if you hire a professional packing service, this won’t be an issue, but if you decide to do things on your own, it should be your priority to finish packing before moving day. We understand how easy it is to drown in other tasks, so we urge you to follow a packing schedule that begins well before move day. You wouldn’t like any broken items, would you?

Set aside 30 minutes or an hour a day and begin with the things you use the most. Basements and attics are a logical choice because they often contain holiday items, seasonal clothes, or toys that are not essential for your daily operations.

Label Piles Of Boxes With Their Designated Destination

Movers will appreciate your preparation, as the transportation process will become ten times easier and safer.

  • Organize and label your boxes by destination before the movers arrive.
  • Mark the packages that contain fragile items.
  • Draw an arrow with THIS SIDE UP written on the side.

Provide Easy Access For Movers (Inside & Out)

It is imperative to ensure a straightforward route for your movers, especially if you live in an apartment complex or high-rise building.

It is a sign of good moving etiquette for you to reserve elevators and loading docks and warn your neighbors in advance. If you overlook this step, others may occupy machines on the same day, which will ‌lead to a nerve-wracking situation and growing costs.

As for the inside of your home, there should be clear, walkable paths leading to and from each room. Typically, movers don’t empty one room at a time, but pick ‌pieces from multiple rooms as they’re needed to build tiers and fill empty spaces in the truck (much like a Tetris game).

Thus, it is essential to provide them with unobstructed access that will ensure a safer and more efficient move.

Keep Kids & Pets Out Of The Way

While kids and pets are adorable, that doesn’t mean movers want them underfoot all day.

Little rascals running around a disheveled home full of working professionals not only slow down the moving process but make it hazardous. Tripping over a dog or toddler while dragging a threefold dresser down the stairs can quickly become a “Series of Unfortunate Events”. If possible, send your children and pets to a friend or relative’s home for the day.

If that’s not an option, consider having one parent take them out for a “fun family day” while the other stays behind with the movers. Barring that, designate a bedroom where they can relax safely and comfortably and stay out of the way until the movers are done.

Carry Valuable Items & Prescription Medications With You

Certain belongings are nothing but a headache for your professional movers.

They often get blamed for missing possessions, thus it is a burden for them to be responsible for said items. A good moving etiquette tip is to hold on to your valuables like cash or jewelry and lift the burden off your movers, as they take care of the rest.

Don’t Go AWOL On Your Movers

Though professionals are usually the most efficient when customers stay out of their way, movers will need your input throughout the day, so you or a family member must be on-site at all times.

Watching movers work can make extra time grind to a halt, but the moving etiquette dictates it is best to be present. If you trust your movers and ‌need to run out briefly, inform them you’re leaving, when you’ll be back, and provide them with your phone number in case they need to get in touch.

Tip Or Complement Your Movers

Tips run from a few bucks to hundreds, and often there’s no correlation between a job well done and the cost of the move.

Typically, the standard tipping practice is 10% to 20% of the total, depending on time, complexity, and attitude towards the moving process.

However, though movers appreciate tips, they don’t necessarily expect them. If you’re short on cash but still want to show your gratitude, there are other ways to keep your movers happy.

It is good etiquette to keep pros refreshed with beverages and provide them with snacks while they work. Who doesn’t love cold drinks and a delicious treat? Little gestures are essential as they show you are friendly and appreciate the mover’s hard work, which, in turn, will cause a more efficient and pleasant moving process.

Get the Payment Ready

If you’re paying with cash, do NOT pull the old “I lost my wallet” or “I must run to the ATM” routine.

From a mover’s perspective, there’s nothing worse than “fighting” for your money after a long day. Though most clients pay with credit cards, cash is still on the table, especially on local moves.

We recommend you have extra money on-hand if your actual transportation costs exceed the initial sum.

Moving Etiquette, Conclusion

As mentioned above, tips on your house moving process are meant to bring you one step closer to a seamless relocation. Remember, the calmer and more organized you are on the day of your move, the more efficient your moving crew will be.

If any difficult problems arise, trust the process and work through them without losing your cool! If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. Happy moving!

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