Etiquette Tips for Tradesmen and Clients

Once in a while, your home needs some maintenance or repair. This is when tradesmen come to play, be it installers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, cleaners, etc. 

Professionals should be capable of fixing problems quickly, with the best results. Keeping a particular deadline is crucial to the competent handyman.

Such jobs require more than just completing a task quickly and effectively.

There is a certain set of etiquette tips tradesmen should stick to when entering a client’s home. A handyman should be polite and have respect for privacy and personal space.

This is as important as work duties.

Good communication skills and flexibility in delicate moments are a must. Well, while some tradesmen are veterans and have work behaviour, freshmen in lack of training still need to learn what’s the behaviour while working in a customer’s home.

Truth is, knowledge comes with experience.

So, if you are a professional plumber, electrician, or a carpenter, and want to have the right manners, check out the simple etiquette tips Gentleman Zone shares you below.

Etiquette Tips for Tradesmen

According to Jordan Vellutini, CEO & managing director of Westline Electrical Services, tradesmen should:

  • Bring your ID and certification. As a workman, carry your personal ID to prove qualifications about to enter a client’s home. Besides, if you work for an agency, you must always present it along with your employer. A homeowner may know the person entering the house.
  • Give detailed information. When you first meet with a client in need of your services, provide full details about the work you’re about to execute in their residence.
    Explain about the materials and techniques that you use. Discuss things like noise and disturbance, work schedule, whether the client will lend you a house key, etc.
    The owner will also appreciate it if you give them regular updates of the job and process.
  • Food and drinks. It’s unacceptable to ask the house owner for a treat or beverage. How about if they offer some? Here, it’s recommended not to refuse but don’t be greedy – just a small piece of cake and one cup of coffee is enough.
    It’s best if you bring your own sack and drink to consume in your breaks. We recommend Asian herbs to boost your health.
  • Talks with the homeowner. As a maintenance worker, your job doesn’t involve personal conversations with the person who has hired you. It’s good if you avoid political or religious talks, too.
    A solid tip is to listen to your client and politely change the topic.
  • Keep pets away. It’s okay to have contact with a pet on your working lot, but only if the homeowner allows you and as long as it doesn’t hinder your task.
  • Private areas of the house. It’s forbidden to enter bedrooms and other spaces, where you don’t have a job to perform.
    And if the problem you need to fix is in an actual private area, you enter only after permission is given.
    The same goes for bathrooms It’s best to take care of needs before your work appointment. It’s good manners if you don’t bring dirt in the house.
  • Work in the homeowner’s absence? An important tip to remember is to not execute a task in the client’s absence unless you’re allowed to. This applies for changes in the home’s setting, too.
  • No to Bribe. It’s absolutely banned to accept offered bribes. You might take it only after talking it through with your service manager.

So, if you are a maintenance professional and do a flawless job, but you also follow these etiquette tips, you’ll be a great pro to hire. Your behaviour will show that the company you work for is reliable and has integrity.  How about if you are the customer and you need a repair worker to fix whatever damage in your abode? You should again stick to behaviour rules.

Tips for Good Manners when a Repairman is at Your Home

According to tradesmen at Bin There Dump That (USA) and professional Luke Hancock there is a handful of tips to welcome experts at home:

  • Clean the area. You shouldn’t leave the pro within the dirty room of a man.
  • To stay with the maintenance worker or not? Well, it depends on the handyman. Some prefer to be left alone, while others don’t mind if you look over their shoulder. These pros are likely to answer questions regarding the job. First, find out how your electrician, plumber or a carpenter, etc. feels about your presence. You might either help or distract. Also, there are moments when you should stay away for your own safety. You don’t want to be near a drill or saw and get hurt because of poor focus.
  • Offering Treats. It’s fine to offer a small treat when a tradesman comes to your home. In addition, provide at least some water. If the contractor job is outside, a hot cup of coffee or tea would be perfect for a cold day or a fresh lemonade-for those hot.
  • Other helpful rules. Let handymen know what freedom they have, the rooms they can or can not visit, where to rest, wash, etc.

It’s essential for both clients and workers to be polite to each other. Our simple etiquette tips on behaviour help both customers and maintenance workers with communication. 

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