7 House Cleaning Hacks You Need to Master

As a man, and a gentleman, you have 7 hacks you need to master to maintain your living space clean and orderly.

There is nothing more distasteful than a messy, unkempt house or apartment.

Imagine. You get out with friends for a drink and, long story short, you end up in front of your house with the hottest chick lady you seduced at the club sitting in the cab and you kind of want to go up in your place and make gentleman love, but just by the thought of what she will witness makes you feel both embarrassed and insecure. Or maybe it’s parenting and raising children to gentlemen is all about being an example.

We are sure that this doesn’t please you, does it?

Don’t worry, gentlemen, Gentleman Zone is here to help with the thing that shows most of you in a much more private way – your home.

A messy home gives the feel you are unorganized, lazy, and genuinely it ruins the image you have created until somebody visits your place. Not good.

Now, let’s not waste any more time on rambling, by now have got the idea that as a man, take care of your abode daily.

Cleaning Your House, Thoroughly

Man cleaning dust

Cleaning every area in your house is a must for the modern gentleman. As weather changes, you better clean your house regularly between season.

We are not talking about the day-in-day-out cleaning chores here. We mean cleaning every inch in the manly home. From washing your carpet, to cleaning every little crack, shelf, and corner.

Just imagine how much junk and dirt gets in there during the winter or the summer.

Vacuum & Clean Dust Once or Twice a Week

Keeping your man cave clean is all about building momentum.

Think about it! 

If you skip that 1 hour a week to vacuum your house and procrastinate next week, it will take you 2.5 hours next week.

How much time you spend at home will determine how often you will need to clean. If you spend more, like working from home, we’d recommend doing it two times a week.

If you spend more time outside of your house and you keep it relatively neat, you can get away with one time a week.

Another thing is how clean you keep your home. Try to keep things neat and clean. Which leads us to the other tip:

Don’t Postpone Chores for Later

The way you make your place dirty and messy is because you got lazy and didn’t wash the dishes for 2 days. This is a habit that you should break as soon as possible.

It’s not that much of work you need to put in the time daily and again building momentum. Once you start, things get easier to manage by the day.

That is the key rule for taking care of your place. Think of it as running a business. Everything should be clean and neat to run smoothly. That’s how men should run a household.

Don’t Be A Messy Man

If you drop something on the floor, pick it up, it’s that simple. The same applies when you have made a mess. Tidy up immediately and upkeep a sustainable home.

This is all about building self-discipline. If you mess one place at your house, tidy it right after that. Again, don’t leave things for later.

Wash Your Sheets Weekly

This is something most guys overlook. You spend half your week in bed while you sleep and if you change your sheets once a month it’s likely they won’t smell very good and that just not hygienic.

Wash your sheets once a week to keep things clean and also not keep dirty clothes around the home. If it smells bad at your place, they are likely the reason.

Use Air Fresheners

When you spend half of your day at home, you want it to smell fresh. Right?

Spending a bit of cash on buying automated get an air purifier to cleanse particles you’d otherwise breath.

You can find anything on the market with technology. There are some that spray the air freshener only when you pass in front of it or some that are time managed (like every 10 minutes).

Don’t Leave the Dishes for Later

Man doing the dishes
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Yes, wash your dishes immediately after you are done eating. As with all other things, it’s all about breaking your old habits of slacking and learn yourself doing more.

Just as with dirty clothes, dishes stink. Not only that, but you don’t want nasty food just sitting in your sink, do you?

One thing that people neglect when washing the dishes is cleaning the sink. You can buy all kinds of products to clean and shine it.

Also, let warm water rinse all the residue left in the pipes once done. Just to make things float down the system and not sit there and develop a foul odor in the future.

Men & Cleaning – Last Words

That’s it, gentlemen! Keeping your house clean is really all about making little things daily, rather than spending countless hours every week.

How do you keep your place clean? Share your tips with us in the comments!

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