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In this instalment of ‘The Stylish Men of Instagram, we present you the designer, blogger, and stylist Jojo or widely known as ‘JJ88 Fashionist’.

Jojo is from Switzerland and he has been storming the stylish side of Instagram and Facebook since 2012.
It’s almost sure you’ve seen him on your feed, but let’s get to know him a little better.

If you want to check out Jojo’s work you can do so by checking his brand Jucan Tailor Made (It never hurts If you have one or two nice suits in your wardrobe) and you can take a look at his personal website JJ88.

Describe your first experience you have of wearing a suit.

I was around 15 years old the time I wore a suit for the first time. It was at a wedding of a good friend and I will never forget how I felt. It was love at the first sight and a great feeling I got addicted to. This occasion was the start of my passion for suits and classy fashion.

Why did you start dressing up?

As I said in the first question, the first time I wore a suit was the start and the trigger for the way of dressing myself. I am feeling comfortable wearing high quality suits and classy outfits and it allows me to inspire people from all over the world. That’s the greatest thing I can do every day and it makes me proud to give all the people out there something back and encourage them to wear elegant and classy suits as well.

The single best outfit a man can invest into in your opinion?

In my opinion a marine colored suit is something everybody should have in their closet. Depending on the combination you can wear it very classy or if you just take the jacket pretty casual with lots of different colors. Additionally it is important to have 3 to 4 well fitted shirts with light colors like light blue, for sure white as well and a few accessoires like a tie and a pocket square to round off the look.

The single best advice you could give to any man?

Regarding the fashion part my advice is the following: wear what makes you feel the most comfortable and allows you to feel confident and happy. There’s no positive effect in wearing a smoking for example if you’re feeling overdressed all the time and would rather wear a sweatshirt instead. So it is more about yourself and your self-reliance than about the fashion item.

My advice is nothing new yet very important and often forgotten. Be yourself and not the clothes you are wearing.

The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear “self-improvement” is…

You have to keep going – always. Sometimes on door closes but in the next time two new ones will open. Even if they will not open immediately or not very obviously there will be something bigger and greater to come. You have to believe in yourself and your growing process and even if you are going through hard times and do not feel well you have to keep your head high and never lose your self-confidence. Nothing is given for free in life, you have to earn it.

The first thing you do in the morning is…

If I wake up next to my girlfriend I give her a kiss. If she is not next to me I check my iPhone first 🙂

What is the thing that keeps you motivated?

The point I reached three years ago allowed me to make my own decisions and decide where I want to go all by myself. If you are only responsible for yourself and not relative to your boss or somebody like that it is the greatest motivation ever. To follow my passion and my dream allows me to start every day with full confidence and thirst for action.

Who is the person you accept as your mentor?

I do not really have one to be honest. I am my own mentor and try to improve myself from day to day and to create something better every day. I can not deny that there are no people who inspire me and I think that is something great about the social media world. You can be inspired by so many people in so many different ways. But to give an answer to your questionm, my “mentor” or better biggest inspiration are the influencer and fashion icons Lino le Luzzi and Nick Wooster.

The most versatile garment you can think of?

As I mentioned in question 3, a dark blue jacket is the most important thing in a mens closet. It is so versatile yet so classy but casual at the same time and allows you many different combinations and styles.

Your favourite garment?

Jojo’s favourite suit

My favourite outfit changes from time to time. Right now it is the bespoke three piece suit which you can see in the picture from my own brand jucantailormade. I designed it for my sisters wedding so there is also a very personal aspect that makes it my favourite piece.

JJ’s Facebook and Instagram

Photos by: Diana Kortmann
Accessories by: Arvigoo
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