Danesh Handbury

Hello, I am Danesh Hanbury. I am 36 years old and I am from Toronto, Canada. I am an artist and a stylist. I work in editorial styling for magazines as well as personal styling for men.

As a painter and an artist, I see clothes as a way of expressing myself artistically in a way for everyone to see. The color combinations, the fabric textures and the subtlety of fit and form all express emotion. Artistic creativity is the quintessential drive behind fashion.

Describe your first experience you have of wearing a suit.

I remember at an early age thinking that a suit was a statement of the refined nature of the wearer. So the first time I wore a suit I remember feeling confident, refined and comfortable. I loved the way it looked and felt. I instantly fell in love.

Why did you start dressing up?

The feeling of confidence and class of a well tailored suit was such a strong force that dressing up was more of natural transition and desire rather than a choice. I felt it gave me the opportunity to really showcase my personal style all the while exuding the elegance of the garment.

The single best outfit a man can invest into in your opinion?

As many stylists and connoisseurs would agree I think every man should invest in a well tailored blue suit. It is an incredibly versatile outfit that still holds its place as a standard classic in men’s fashion.

The single best advice you could give to any man?

Best advice I could give is: “Always be the best version of yourself.”

This also applies to fashion. Never dress down when you can dress up. Always carry yourself, act, and dress according to the standard you want to reflect. Your outward appearance should reflect to others your inner self.

The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear “self-improvement” is…

Courage. It takes courage for someone to evaluate themselves and look to improve. Many are afraid to make changes and admit they can be or do better. It takes courage to strive to better yourself.

The first thing you do in the morning is…

I make coffee. I enjoy making it with a French press as the preparation has a ritual-like calming feeling. Then I look to Instagram for some inspiration and my wardrobe to come up with the look of the day.

What is the thing that keeps you motivated…

The knowledge that I can always improve, that I have the potential to do better and be better.

Who is the person you accept as your mentor?

My mentor(s) in life have always been my parents. They have taught me everything that has made me who I am today.

The most versatile garment you can think of?

A good pair of well fitted dark denim jeans. They are an essential part of fashion history and have been worn in every era and style. Their versatility allows them to be used in every spectrum of fashion. From a casual look while paired with a T-shirt. To a more formal look with a dress shirt, tie and blazer.

Your favorite garment?

A tuxedo or smoking jacket. There is nothing that exudes more class and sophistication than a tuxedo. It is by far the most stylish and statement making piece one could wear. Plus it is the closest one can get to being James Bond.

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