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Hi, I’m Carlos Domínguez, I’m 30 years old and I’m from Spain. I am graduated in Fine Arts, Advertising and Communication. Currently, I work for PuroEGO (@puroego_oficial), an international fashion company born in Spain, specializing in Suits and Smart casual. I am responsible for the Communication department and the Brand Image. I would define my style as an “urban dandy”. Every day I share my daily outfit on my Instagram profile and try to be inspirational. I feel happy trying to convey my definition of style and elegance. Instagram is transmitting to many people the culture of good dress and I hope it stays alive for a long time.

Describe your first experience you have of wearing a suit.

I don´t remember exactly when it was the first time I wear a suit. The thing that I remember, is that until that moment, I always wanted to dress one. I was fascinated by the suits and nowadays they are still fascinating me.
Every man should invest at least once in his life in a tailored suit. It’s a feeling you only experience when you wear one!

Why did you start dressing up?

It’s an innate passion, I think it comes from my parents. I have always felt the need to transmit my essence and personality through combinations of colors, fabrics, textures… for me, fashion is a “social communication media”.

The single best outfit a man can invest into in your opinion?

Without doubt a good navy blue suit. Its versatility to combine it makes it an indispensable garment in any men’s closet.

 The single best advice you could give to any man?

My philosophy is to feel comfortable with what you wear, and that you wear clothes, not that clothes wear you.
It’s not about following the trends, it’s about making them yours!

The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear “self-improvement” is…

The effort, perseverance, and dedication. And of course more and more successful combinations of garments. Hehehe

The first thing you do in the morning is…

I kiss my girlfriend, make coffee and energetic breakfast and check my iPhone while I take it. In this order.
Then I go to the closet and choose the outfit of the day, I leave it to the creativity of the moment, how I feel, and the day of work I have that day. It is important to know how to dress for each occasion. Every day is not the same.

What is the thing that keeps you motivated…

Get up every day thinking that I have the luck to work in the male fashion sector which is my passion and try to improve to be better.

Who is the person you accept as your mentor?

Without a doubt my father. He instilled in me (that did not teach me) the basic keys that every man must have to dress well. It was something that as a young man did not value and was not aware but when I grew up I was seeing that he really know about style.

If I have to choose an icon of style that inspires me, without a doubt Mr. Alessandro Squarzi.

The most versatile garment you can think of?

A navy blazer. Perfect to combine formal or smart casual looks. “Blue is the new black”

Your favorite garment?

A denim formal shirt. It.s my key garment. I love the contrast generated by his casual fabric with a blazer or suit. I really like unexpected combos.


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