Ilhami Gözcü

Hello, Ilhami. It’s such a pleasure for us to do this interview! Can you tell us something about yourself, present yourself, if you will?

Hey, this is İlhami Gözcü from Istanbul, Turkey. I am an engineer and I love being an engineer. Analytic thinking really helps me in all areas of my life. Math does not lie 🙂

On the other hand, I am really into Men’s fashion and I have been posting my style on my Instagram account (@ilhamigozcu) almost for a year now. So far, I have received really nice feedback and my account is growing faster than I thought. Hopefully, it will get much better in the near future.

Really cool! How would you explain your first experience wearing a suit?

Honestly, I don’t remember exactly when was the first time I had my suit, but probably it was the wedding of a relative years ago. What I remember is, I felt like a man instead of being a teenager and I really liked that feeling at that time.

And, you obviously put together amazing outfits! What got you started in fashion and dressing up in the first place? Where did all come from?

There is not a single reason for this. Myself and my childhood friends, we were always into men’s fashion while we were at university. They all have really cool style and we all influenced each other. Dressing up is like an addiction I believe. Once you start doing that, feel the taste of it, you can not stop it and fortunately, it is not threatening your health. 🙂

Dressing up truly turns into an addiction once you get started! So, in your opinion what is the best outfit you can dress up into?

I would say a navy or a black suit. Black is a classic and you can never go wrong with a well-tailored black suit.  With a navy one, you can elevate your look. It will definitely look dapper if you don’t make an obvious mistake.

Here, at Gentleman Zone, we also believe a navy suit is a must in a men’s wardrobe. A truly stylish piece. But with the outfit comes the attitude, and what is the advice you could give to any man?

Be confident! No matter what you do, be confident about it. Of course, this rule applies to how you dress as well. Besides, have to choose the right fit and right choice depending on the occasion. You will notice that your confidence will elevate once you have the right choices.

Absolutely agree on that. Confidence is a must for every one of us. So, tell me, how do you feel when you hear “self-improvement”?

Continuity. There is no limit to self-improvement and you always have to seek to improve yourself and it has to be continuous. Otherwise, a step backward is inevitable.

You put it very beautifully. It definitely has a very personal approach to understanding self-improvement, and we agree with it 100%.

With such a strong view on improving yourself, how would you say you start your morning? What is the first thing that you do that jump-starts your day?

Snooze alarm clock. 🙂 Yea, it is true. And tell myself to go to bed earlier next time.

I am guilty of the same thing. 😀 Can you share with us what is the that drives you? What would you say motivates you?

Feeling alive. Unfortunately, the world is not getting any better and I am thankful for everything I have.

Unfortunately, you might be right about the world… You obviously have a very broad point of view. Who would you say is your mentor?

Honestly, there is not one. Instead of having a mentor and being influenced by one person, I try to observe people around me all the time. Of course, there are some people around me who influenced me more but I would not categorize them as a mentor.

This is really one of a kind answer.
Now, back to the style side, what is the most versatile garment you can think of?

A well-tailored blazer. It can easily be combined with classy, casual or even street outfits.

And what is your favorite garment?

A well-tailored blazer again. 🙂 And the reason is same with the previous one.

Thank you so much for the opportunity and for doing this interview for Gentleman Zone. We really do appreciate it.

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