How to be Fly AF This Summer

There’s a distinct difference between being fly and being a douchebag. You don’t want to be a douchebag, even if that is your natural propensity, because douchebags get nowhere with the ladies and eventually wind up being shunned by the crowd.

Being fly AF year-round entails a perfect mixture of personality traits paired with an impeccable dress code dazzling enough to win over every heart and open any iron clad door. Yet, when summer comes around, people (men in particular) have the tendency to forget about their manners and even worse, their winning attire, douching up their game and boarding the fast train to Doucheville central. So, here is what you have to do stay fly AF this summer.

Forever a gentleman

Just because you’re going to attend a number of wild summer parties this season does not mean you should take advantage of every sleazy chick that happens to stumble in your general direction. Yeah, your hormones are raging and you want to have fun, but just keep one simple thing in mind before you make a move you’ll regret: would you want someone to take advantage of your daughter like that?

You probably wouldn’t want that. So, skip the drunken eighteen year old, give her a cup of coffee or send her home, and stick to real women (or men) that know their liquor and have a sense of right and wrong. Be a gentleman and you will have a merry old time.

Learn the art of mixology

Learn mixology for this summer!


Do you know what’s a hundred times sexier than a gentleman boasting the right set of manners? A gentleman boasting the right set of manners and a set of cocktail-making skills to make all the dudes jealous and all the girls gather around him. Lucky for you, there are plenty of online mixology tutorials just waiting for you.

No matter if you’re at the beach, or you’re hosting your own event at home, you can bring your mixology set with you, start infusing various colours with zesty tastes complemented by sweet aromas that will make you everyone’s best friend for the night. Be sure to learn the basics so that you can improvise on the spot.

Rock the summer colours

Next you want to dress not to impress but to kill. However, dressing to kill in the winter and summer are two very different things my friend, and you want to be careful when picking your summer wardrobe as you are one colourful pattern away from becoming the group clown. So, here’s what you should do: wear khaki or beige slim fit linen pants and suits; wear a cotton white shirt with rolled up sleeves; wear a set of stylish loafers and don’t forget to accessorize.

And the things you should not do: don’t wear patterned shirts with patterned shorts – rather choose one pattern and one solid; don’t wear flip flops to any event except the beach or a poolside barbecue and always accessorize with modesty and style.

Get a self balancing scooter

A man on a self-balancing scooter


Going green this summer? Well, you should. Not only is it way too hot to be driving around in a tin box (that’s anything from a car to a public bus) but it’s detrimental to the environment and it’s about time you step into the 21st century and contribute to the preservation of mother Earth.

Now, anyone can ride a bike, but bikes have been around for so long even the hipsters don’t want to drive them anymore. Nope, you need something to make you stand out, or fly AF if you will, such as a blue self balancing scooter (cause you’re a guy) that is not only eco-friendly but extremely fun to ride.

Learn some new tricks

Finally, you want to learn a few tricks. If you’ve been following this blog, you know that one of the key distinctions that make a man is his sculpted physique. So, you have your abs, your guns and your wheels (you didn’t miss a leg day, did you?), now you need to learn some cool poolside tricks, such as various handstands, levers, maybe even a backflip or a front flip to boot. The girls will love it, it’s a great conversation starter, and everyone will want you to teach them how to do it.


As you can tell, attaining a fly AF persona for the summer is quite fun, it just takes some time, effort and a dash of luck to master. Be sure to follow these five golden tips and you’ll become the freshest new thing since Will Smith.

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