6 Things That Completely Ruin Your Style

As a man looking your best mostly comes to what you choose to wear. Think of your clothing as the manly version of make-up. When done right it makes you look like a totally different person and you feel more confident.

But it’s every now and then that you might have your suit and shirt perfectly tailored, your shoes shined and your tie tied perfectly with the perfect length, but you miss out on those details and it’s  all ruined.

As someone who’s very interested in style, I can’t help but notice the mistakes that men make with their outfits. Some of them happen naturally trough the rumble of the day, like misaligning of your tie bar, and those are alright. Nothing but a quick fix.
But others are from bad habits, like putting stuff in your suit pant’s pockets.

Don’t worry gentlemen, if you have recognized yourself in some of the above they are quick and easy to fix.

Messing-Up Your Tie Knot

Your tie knot is what makes your look complete. Although the tieless look is cool it should be left for the bar after work.
Keep your tie during business hours and make sure you learn your knots. It’s a fairly easy guide and it all has to do with your shirts collar (and the width of your head).

  • The Point Collar – This is the most common collar and if you aren’t really into style, that’s probably the collar your shirts have. This collar is narrow so you should stick to the four-in-hand knot.
  • The Spread Collar – This one is a no-brainer. This collar is one of the widest and you should use only the widest knots. A good option is the Full Windsor.
  • Semi Cutaway Collar – Again a basic collar. The best knot is the Half Windsor.

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*Also don’t forget to make a dimple in your tie. More on this check our article on ties here.

Stuffing Your Pockets With Everything You Have in You

Just because you have your phone, wallet, and sunglasses it doesn’t mean that you should stuff them all in your pockets. Nothing ruins a good fit more than bulging pockets and even if you have the finest tailored suit bulging pockets will ruin the silhouette that it gives.

The solution is to keep your wallet thin and in your inside pocket. Even better get yourself a nice bag where you can store your everyday carry. If you want to read more on men’s bags be sure to check out our article on bags.

Sweat Marks On Your Shirts

Although sweat and deodorant marks are one of the most inevitable things it still totally wrecks your style game. No matter how great you are dressed if you have sweat patches under your arms it’s all done.

Probably the best thing you can do is to wear light colored shirts, preferably white. The sweat patches just won’t stick out that much. Of course, if you want to wear if you want to wear sweat patches you can, but it’s not the most comfortable solution.

If you want to reduce your sweating your best bet is to give up on caffeine, or at least reduce the amounts that you drink on daily basis, also make sure to skip the spicy food. Those things make your body sweat more.

Not Fixing Your Gig Line

Not fixing your gig-line can completely ruin your looks

The gig line is the line that is created by aligning your fly seam, belt, and shirt buttoning.

When done right it makes your outfit looks seamless and well put together. Make sure to align your gig line. Otherwise, you look sloppy.

With your gig line aligned it comes the other thing – ironing your clothes.

Iron Your Outfit

It’s the fastest thing you can do for your clothes to look good. An awesome outfit is always well ironed. It doesn’t matter what you say ironed outfit will look a million times better than one that is all creased.

Make sure you read the tag of your clothes on how to iron them. The last thing you want to do is ruin your clothes while you try to make them look better.

The Tie Bar

If you wear ties on a daily basis it’s almost 100% sure that you put on a tie bar. It’s just a very functional accessory. But do you fix it during the day or do you leave it once you put it in the morning?
If you are the type of person who just puts it on and then leaves it, then you should definitely start paying more attention to your tie bar during the day.

While we are working, getting in and out of our cars, and just doing daily things our shirt and tie moves, and with them, the tie bar also moves. Finally you and up with a tilted tie bar that just looks awful.

Also, make sure you put it correctly in the first place. There are too many people that wear their tie bars either too low or too high.

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Unkept Shoes

There is nothing, and I repeat nothing more terrible to your style and personal image than old, beaten up, dirty and generally nasty shoes.
Because shoes are a part of you. The way your shoes look is determined by how you take care of them. Dirty shoes immediately indicate that you are a lazy person.

I mean how long does it take to clean your shoes?
Answer: no more than 20 minutes a week!

So, if your shoes are a little bit faded and a bit dirty get yourself shoe paint, a couple of rugs and some water and fix your shoes right now.
If you don’t know how to do it, then give your shoes to a professional who knows how to do it for you.

Final Words

Your style is your personal business card. It’s how you present yourself to the world and when it comes to your personal image you shouldn’t skip on anything. Fix those 6 mistakes and you’ll be looking a million bucks.

Evgeni Asenov

For the last 4 years I've been enthusiastic about men's style, lifestyle and fashion. Trough trial and error I've learned some things in this area and now I'm here to share with everyone who might be interested.

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