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Planning the greatest bachelor party of the century for your best friend? 

Trying to figure out what are the must-haves of a killer stag? Make the groom doubt his devotion to marriage for just a split second with a party so off the hook, that he will remember it for the rest of his days of bosom of monogamy!

Well, look no further! You’re at Gentleman Zone Lifestyle Magazine.

No matter what you have planned, no matter what kind of bloke he is, here are the crucial elements no bachelor party should go without.

Walking a Thin Line

While some people see the movie Hangover as a textbook example of how to create a memorable night, things are far from being so simple. In real life, if everyone got wasted in first five minutes of the party, the night would be considered anything but success.

You need to monitor everyone’s alcohol levels. In other words, you want everyone to get drunk, but you don’t want them to get wasted straight away.

Sure, you don’t want to be the buzzkill, so you might want to come up with a series of fun activities that will help your friends control their drunkenness at least for a while.

Get Some Help

First thing first, even though it is your duty to throw the party, there is no reason for you to do it on your own.

Organize the squad and give everyone a job. Most important tasks like finding the venue or hiring the stripper you can keep for yourself, but there is no reason some of the guys shouldn’t take over some minor parts or plan other activities.

Naturally, you know your friends the best so you will tell which one of them is responsible enough to be entrusted with which duty. Doing this together as a crew is a friendly gesture and it can get you all closer together.

Choose the Right Venue

As we already mentioned, one of the first thing you should worry about is finding the right venue. If there are other locations you want to visit that night, they need to be near.

Nothing tires and sobers up people more on a bachelor’s night than a long drive to the next location.

On the other hand, it might be a good idea to go away, somewhere more remote, a place with a nice view where you can find seclusion from the troubles of the outside world and go completely wild.

Still, if you plan on changing several locations for the night, you will need to think about the ride. Sure, most people hire a limousine to take them to their target location, but there are always those who prefer to get a vintage car for this occasion.

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Trip to an Exotic Destination (High-class)

Try some sports!

Lame bachelor parties start in the evening, but unforgettable ones mark their beginning in the morning, way before the crew’s collective brainpower can process the ungodly activities you have planned for them.

That is why a killer stag starts with an exotic destination. Now, you’re all dudes, you’re simple enough, it doesn’t take a lot to grease your wheels, so you don’t actually have to wind up in a notorious prison somewhere off the coast with a gentleman yacht.

No, you simply need a cool destination where you can spend some quality time with your friends. Like a forest, or a canyon, or a beach – which leads us to the next step!

Extreme Sports

You’re outside, your crew is cursing the day they met you because it’s way too early, yet they begin to enjoy the peaceful setting of the great outdoors, imbuing themselves with the tranquil sounds of nature.

So, this is the perfect moment to tell them you’ve planned a bunch of potentially life-threatening activities, such as motto crossing, whitewater rafting, paintball deathmatches, and various ninja-warrior obstacle courses for the entire day!

Just some ideas:

  • Kayak tours through a beautiful estuary.
  • Diving in marine protected sea caves 
  • A close-up glimpse of non-predatory leopard sharks 
  • Paddle boarding rentals and surf lessons 
  • Great ways to spend a bachelor party and work on a tan!

Check the “Gentleman Zone List of Gentleman Sports & Games

The Quiet Before the Storm

After everyone’s had enough fun, you’ve demolished the “playgrounds”, and located all of your friends, it’s time to mend your wounds and head on back home where you’ll give everyone a chance to wash up, rehydrate and regroup in expectation of what’s to come.

First, before moving onto the key event, you want to take a little R n’ R time and enjoy a nice game of poker with the boys, smoking cigars you pretend to like and sipping hard liquor you could otherwise never afford.

Adult Entertainment

A bachelor party needs strippers

The evening is where the real fun begins. Everything you did that day led to this culminating moment.

Naturally, no bachelor party can receive its stamp of approval from the high bro society without employing adult entertainment. Mind you, strippers, although fun, are old news.

Get us right. Having a stripper is great, but your night cannot revolve around this alone. The entire bachelor party cannot comprise few girls dancing for five hours straight and then everyone going home drunk.

So, what else is there that can dazzle your senses and elevate your testosterone production to unhealthy amounts?

Nude Waitresses, of Course

This is the perfect solution for a modern, high-class stag party, and you can find the most gorgeous Having topless waitresses to wait on you and your crew all night long and bring the party to a new level of excitement. Just make sure you know the code of gentleman lovers.

Start the poker night with a nude poker dealer and transition from a private backroom setting to the main event in a dedicated stag venue via a private limo.

There, the final pieces of the perfect bachelor party puzzle will await.

A Night to Remember

Your bachelor party will reach its culminating point and go down in history as the most unforgettable night of your best friend’s life if you plan the final step just right. Enter the venue with music and light shows welcoming the groom accompanied by nude waitresses and a liquor collection broad enough to guarantee an off the hook party.

Finally, you want to put an icing on the stag cake by taking care of your best friend and making sure he doesn’t reach a state of blackout inebriation. After all, you want him to remember the events that took place during his final night as a free man.

Think of the Day After

Bachelor parties are a fun and sensational way to celebrate the happy groom. But what can be not so fun and sensational? The morning after…especially that hangover that might creep up on the festive party-goers. In that case, rehydration is key.

No matter how hard you party think of rapid recovery after a bachelor’s night out. A vitamin-packed drink with added bonuses the “other guys” don’t have: enhanced electrolytes, tyrosine for added mental focus, BCAAs for muscle repair and more.

Gift ideas:

A Cocktail Box

Imagine having the ingredients and tools of a professional bartender in the convenience of your pocket. Gentleman and delightful! The perfect travel cocktail companion, these genius little kits can be taken anywhere; a plane ride, tailgate, hotel room…a bachelor party!

This can be a perfect gift for anyone that appreciates a satisfying adult-beverage experience.

Sounds like fun? Of course, it does, and if you want to give your best mate the send-off he deserves and make him cherish your friendship forever, you need to follow these simple steps to create the stag do of a lifetime!

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