How Badly do You Want to be Successful?

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In a dog-eat- dog world, men are under tremendous pressure to be successful. It is true that every dog can have its day, but the question is how to stretch it and accomplish something both meaningful and lasting. Well, you know what they say: careful what you wish for, because you might just get it. Success in life is something everyone longs for, yet, it neither comes easy nor without a cost.

Fear of the dark

People go to great lengths in order to appear or be successful. Nevertheless, not everyone craves for success as much as our organisms craves for air and water. Wanting is one thing and not being able to live without something is completely another matter. What this implies is that you must know why you want success. Pursuing it just for the sake of it or for public recognition is not advisable.

In fact, that is some weak motivation to tackle change, which can be a frightening notion. We are all afraid of the fizzle and how we appear in other people’s eyes. You could say that our brains are wired for caution and certainty. We tend to steer away from most situations that expose us to increased risk. Taking a leap of faith and overcoming the chasm of fear seems like the hardest thing in the world.

It does not come as a surprise that psychologists have managed to identify various mechanisms that undermine one’s ability to act. First off, we often overestimate the risk. Along similar lines, we exaggerate the potential consequences to justify the passive approach, while our capabilities remain dormant and underutilised. What we lose sight of in the process is the cost of not doing something.

Success in new light

Never be afraid

Sadly, that is not how you succeed in anything other than preserving the status quo. To grow, we need to change. That means that if you really want success, you have to look the menace in the eye. In a way, you are challenged to embrace the other side of success, failure. Just like no success is definitive, there is no such thing as fatal failure. You always need to pick yourself up and continue pulling your weight.

Make no mistake: this is no game of chance. It all comes down to what you do on a regular basis in order to facilitate success, which comes through hard work and perseverance. It does not happen overnight, but as a result of constant learning and trying. Namely, success is brought to life where action and preparation meet opportunity and the right circumstances. There is no other way to move ahead than to act and take responsibility.

Your way

Where there is a will, there is a way. And when it is in short supply, excuses abound. It is important to note that people are not simply endowed with courage. They let it grow on them by practicing it like a skill. Some even compare courage to a muscle you need to work out. After a while, you ramp up the capacity and do things you previously deemed impossible.

Speaking of exercise, the real, physical one does the trick as well. It helps get you in shape and boosts your energy levels, confidence, and mood. Likewise, workout demonstrates that things like self-esteem can be forged. Those who have never been to the gym might find these places intimidating, but a man does not shy away from such a challenge. So, chose the appropriate men’s gym wear, get to know the equipment, and have a sound workout plan in place.

Without pain, there is no gain. Despite that, we should focus on what we can accomplish, not what we could lose. You cannot afford to live in the shadow of self-doubt. Keep your eyes on the ball to kick the game into overdrive. Confront what weighs you down and get to the bottom of it. Make a positive chance by fostering good habits and growing personally. Then, even success suddenly becomes tangible and seems close at hand.

Rise to the occasion

If you ask me, it is high time to rise above fear and ditch self-defeating behavior. All the courage you will ever need lies within you: it is just necessary to unleash it. Only when your desire for success surpasses the fear of defeat are you able to get ahead. Think big, but start small. The seeds of success need a lot of nurturing to bear fruit, so do not evoke visions of success while (day) dreaming. You’d better rise and shine if you meant to hit that home run.

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