The Stylish Man’s Guide to Autumn Wear

D ressing for the autumn weather is no easy task. The world undergoes a drastic change, taking its way to the colder weather of winter, and with that, it comes the time for you take your warmer clothes out of your wardrobe ones again.

The allure of denim jackets, leather boots and knitted sweaters is irresistible. Thankfully, the time of rainy days is right around the corner and you should take full advantage of it.

The Colors of Autumn

To take full advantage of the fall season you have to play around with colors. Mastering autumn style boils down to observing your surroundings and understanding how to match it with the shades of your outfit.

When the world transitions from the careless time of summer to the cold winter weather, more earthly tones appear. Thankfully, for us stylish men, we get the chance to wear some colorful outfits.

We suggest incorporating colors such as dark green, warm orange and yellow, browns, navy and dark reds. Of course, keeping the staple white and black colors is a must, as they can act as a blank canvas for the rest of your outfit.

Keep the basic black and white garments in your wardrobe. These clothes can be a blank canvas to build upon.

Fall Garments

Each season has its staple garments. For summer it’s linen button ups, for winter we adore the woven overcoat, spring is a great time to break out a lightweight field jacket and autumn is perfect for light knitwear and jeans.

The fall season doesn’t end with colors and knitwear. Let’s take a look at Gentleman Zone’s favorite autumn garments.


Tom Hardy wearing a shearing jacket with a casual outfit.


You can’t fight the rainy weather without the appropriate outerwear. As a man, owning a few quality jackets is more than enough. You don’t need a different jacket for each day of the week, just smart styling.

We have two all-time favorites outerwear garments for autumn. Starting with the denim jacket, there are a lot of ways to wear this timeless jacket. While we don’t recommend you match it with the same color jeans, a denim jacket is a perfect apparel to dress down an office outfit or add a layer of warmth to your casual outfit.

A light colored Levi’s trucker jacket is a perfect choice, as it’s reasonably priced and the quality is excellent. The jacket will easily serve you for half a decade, depending on the wear.

Opting for a sherpa underlined denim jacket is also a good idea, as the weather is only going to get colder.

Our second favorite autumn jacket is the camel coat. With its light brown color sporting a camel coat is a perfect way to dress up, but still take full advantage of the palette surrounding you.

Suitable for colder weather, camel coats are easily matched with suits, or more casual wear, such as a simple t-shirt and jeans. While there are quite a lot of budget options for camel coats, we suggest you invest upwards of $300.

For quality camel coats, we suggest you take a look at Suitsupply. Their camel coats are of good quality compared to the price.


Michael Caine wearing a turtle neck/


As the autumn season is all about layering, there’s a wide array of upperwear apparel. The colder weather allows for knitted sweaters, cozy sweatshirts and cotton button ups. The first two of which can be worn in warm tones to emphasize the color palette of autumn (as we recommend to stick to basic button ups).

Bet on lightweight roll necks as a substitute of your button up. They’re both, suitable for the season and tie in well with formal wear. Even better, roll necks can be dressed down easily, allowing for a quick transition from the office, to drink in the bar with your friends.

But a man can’t be wearing only suits and roll necks. Acquiring a couple of quality sweatshirts is a great way to diversify your wardrobe. While there are a bunch to choose from, we suggest you put your money on the right brand. Take a look at Champion hoodies. The design is timeless and it will look good both on a casual Sunday walk or during a workout.

Of course, keeping your button ups is a great idea. You’ll still need them for the office, or a dinner. As we said above, they’re your blank canvas upon which you can build your outfit.


Marlon Brando wearing a casual autumn outfit with jeans.

As much as we love linen shorts, sadly it has come the time to say goodbye. The weather is getting colder, so wool and cotton are coming back in fashion.

Of course, it’s no autumn style if you don’t wear jeans. For inspiration, we advise you take a look at the styles that Drake’s feature in their lookbooks. Often, soft, underlined woven clothing items, perfect for autumn weather.

While the clothes of Drake’s aren’t accessible to everyone, you can easily take the look and replicate it with similar items. It’s all about finding the right garments.

As of autumn must-haves, we choose well fitting jeans (both dark and light colored), a pair of dark colored chinos (our choice is olive green) and woven suit trousers (grey or charcoal).

These three types of trousers are more than enough to get you through the autumn season. Bet on darker and muted colors. Navy’s, olive greens, dark grey’s are all great choices, but if you feel comfortable you can give burnt orange and white a go for your trousers.


Marlon Brando wearing autumn boots.

It’s no autumn style if you don’t take full advantage of your shoe game. While the rainy season will have your shoes mostly wet, a pair of quality leather boots is the best thing a man can buy for his feet.

Depending on your style, you can wear chelsea boots, leather brogues, or derbys’. As autumn doesn’t offer the best conditions for shoes, we advise you invest in three pairs, to allow for proper drying before wears.

A pair of each style (chelsea, brogues and brogues) will cover most of your style needs. All of the three types of boots are easily integrated between styles, making them suitable for both office and casual wear.

Avoid suede boots for autumn as the wet weather will ruin them. Proper care for your leather boots is mandatory, as they can lose their shape, fade colors with time or experience other wear and tears.

The autumn season is just around the corner and as a stylish man, we bet it’s one of your favourite seasons when it comes to dressing stylishly.

Of course, there is a lot more to be worn during this transitioning season. It boils down to how comfortable you’re with color matching, combining and experimenting.


p style=”text-align: left;”>Oh, and don’t forget investing in a quality umbrella. During rainy days, it’s going to protect you from getting wet, and your clothes from dampening.

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