The History and Heritage of the Quilted Jacket

M enswear always goes through different styles, however, the basics never seem to go out of style. Just like a nice suit, the quilted jacket has deserved its place in the ever-stylish male garments.

The rigid looks of the quilted jacket give every man a masculine appearance which is not met by any other style of jacket. Its sturdy nature and waterproof surface are great for Autumn and Spring weather. It doesn’t matter if you are going for a synthetic material or if you want to invest your money in a wool made garment, as the quilted jacket looks amazing in all of those materials.

What is a Quilted Jacket and How it All Began

Quilted jacket by GANT
Quilted jacket by GANT

In the mid 60’s of the last century, the world got introduced to a new type of jacket. They were sturdy, lightweight and managed to keep the wearer warm and dry in colder weather.

The creator of the quilted jacket, Mr Steve Guylas, was an American who moved to the United Kingdom. He started a business that produces thermal outerwear and later designed the quilted jacket.

The first quilted garment that Mr Guylas made was a quilted vest meant for shooting. The sleeveless vest would allow the shooter more movement in the arms while keeping the wearer’s body warm.

The first quilted vest made was a polyester one. The synthetic material helped with the waterproofing, and it soon became a hit among Mr Guylas club colleagues.

People showed interest in the quilted vest, and soon after Husky introduced the quilted jacket. People could buy it in the timeless palette of olive green and royal blue.

Lo and behold, not long after the introduction of the quilted jacket, the British Royal family picked up on the style. While riding, the Queen would sport a brown corduroy collar jacket for riding, made from Husky, of course. Being the powerhouse the Royal family is, soon celebrities and common people in the UK and Europe followed. This got the quilted jacket a status of an iconic menswear garment.

For What Type of Weather is the Quilted Jacket Suited?

Quilted jacket in blue
Quilted Jacket by Banana Republic

As the main target buyers were active people, and English weather playing a big role in the design of the quilted jacket, Steve Guylas designed a garment that would protect the wearer from the damp and cold weather.

The synthetic used, namely polyester is a material that can be splash proof. Although, the jacket may not protect well in harsher conditions – such as pouring rains.

Wear your quilted jacket in weather that is slightly wet. Rainy spring days are the perfect conditions for this garment. The style is suitable a well.

Today, different brands offer different styles of quilted jackets. You can find tweed and wool, as well as some more luxurious cloths as Casentino cloth.

If you want to own a Casentino cloth quilted jacket, you will have to pay a bit more, but it will be a one-time investment.

How to Buy a Quilted Jacket

Quilted jacket
Quilted jacket by NEXT

In 2015 the fashion world saw somewhat of a return of the quilted jacket. This is great, as of that men could buy quilted jackets in all price ranges.

Britain has always been prominent with different quilted jacket designs, after all, they were created there. If you are looking to buy as close as the original, you should take a look at Lavenham. The brand still makes a quilted jacket that is close to the original design from Husky.

If you have an interest in buying a British made quilted jacket, investing in a wool quilted jacket is a great idea. This material is more durable, better looking, and of overall better quality than the synthetic polyester.

Tweed has a distinctive British look to it, and of course, it looks amazing when a quilted jacket is made of this cloth. Both wool and tweed have water repellent features, but just as the synthetic ones aren’t suitable for extreme rain.

Italian quilted jackets are also an amazing option. If you want to wear exclusive cashmere-made quilted jackets, then look no further than Milan. Of course, the price tag of $1000 and up isn’t for everyone, but for those who can afford it, it’s certainly a great experience wearing such a garment.

In the United States, quilted jackets can be found for much cheaper. Of course, if you want to own a quality garment you still can find those in stores such as Ralph Lauren.

We, at Gentleman Zone, stand by our vision that every outerwear should be of high quality and that you take quilted jackets as a long-term investment.

The Sizing and Cut of the Quilted Jacket

Navy quilted jacket.

The way a garment fits you will determine how good it looks. While quilted jackets can be dressed up they are cut a little roomier compared to a blazer.

While out and about shopping for a quilted jacket it’s important to know how you are going to wear the jacket. Consider the climate you are living in and your style.

In order to know the quilted jacket of choice fits you, the sleeves and the torso of the jacket should be of proper length.

As the jacket can be worn on top of a sports jacket, we suggest that you invest in two separate garments. That way you will have a jacket that will retain its form through the years, and another quilted jacket that will look great layered with a blazer and a shirt.

From it’s short, but rich history, to the stylish silhouette a quilted jacket has, there is no question that it’s a garment worth investing in. At Gentleman Zone we love styling our outfits with quilted jackets, as they truly give a unique look to any outfit. Either for a walk out in a rainy weather, to an out-n-about outfit, the quilted jacket holds up to most situations and outfits.

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