James Bond’s Functional Haircuts for You

M r Bond is unquestionably a fictional character that men look up to. Trough the years, Englands best spy has sported different haircuts, but they’ve all been amazing, in their choice. Some of them changed hair trends, others bet on timeless styles. 

While we certainly aren’t looking forward to reviving any old school quiffs, we chose the three best hairstyles Mr Bond had trough in the course of the movies. 

Choosing the Right Bond-cut

Deciding on your haircut is an important part. You may be good looking, but you don’t have a personal stylist to help you with your hair every time you jump off of a building. If you feel like you can’t decide, then your barber will be the go-to person to ask for advice. 

Depending on your lifestyle, e.g. how many bad guys you kill through your day, you should pick a hairstyle that will fit it. The time you wish to spend on styling your hair, and how often you want to visit your barber should be considered.

Here’s are some questions that will help your barber advise you on what Bond hairstyle you should pick:

  • How much time do you want to spend making your hair in the morning?
  • In what type of workplace do you work?
  • What hairstyles you are comfortable with.
  • What will suit your own personal style?

Of course, any good barber should respect and meet your demands. With that said, let’s take a look at some functional, Bond-approved hairstyles.

Mr Craig’s Short Crop

James Bond Crew Cut Haircut.

The short crop cut is a hairstyle that never goes out of fashion. The simplicity and clean looks of this hairstyle make it suitable for most faces, as well as Mr Daniel Craigs’.  

It doesn’t matter if you are going for a textured look or a more simple one the short crop always looks good. We suggest this type of hairstyle to men who lead a busy or active lifestyle. The short crop cut will allow dealing with their hair in the morning faster and is also far easier to maintain. 

The short crop cut, however, demands you visit your barber more often, as it shows unkempt hair far more than longer hair, and tends to lose its form in a couple of weeks.

Mr Moore’s Chopped Haircut

Roger Moore in James Bond

The 70’s may be long over, but Mr Moore’s haircut still looks fresh today. The relaxed vibe a chopped haircut gives go well with all styles, and can easily be slicked back for a more formal look.

This easygoing style of 70’s Bond blends extremely well with modern looks. The chopped hair requires a bit more maintenance in the morning, however, it can go much longer between visits to the barber. 

Mr Connery’s Timeless Side Part

Sean Connery in James Bond with a sidepart

Sean Connery may have been one of the classiest Bonds out there. Not only he nailed the part 007, he rocked a nice side part, which, of course, is timeless.

If that’s your haircut of choice we suggest that you visit the barber every two weeks, as unkempt side part looks sloppy. It’s fairly easy to maintain, and you can style it for about 2 minutes in the morning. 

This is a great style if you are looking for a professional, yet easy hairstyle that would go well with everything. 

We suspect your daily routine doesn’t consist of killing villains or saving the world, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t save your head. If anything, a good haircut may help you with getting a date with a Bond girl.

The three haircuts and their variations are great for daily wear as they are quick to style and easily hold shape during intense days when you’re constantly running errands.

Depending on your hair type, you will have to use different styling products, and we suggest you explore more of the best hairstyles and speak with your barber about this topic. He will know best what type of paste or pomade will give you the desired look, based on your hair.

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