Seven Common Traits Gentlemen Share

M anners maketh man. Character traits have defined people for hundreds of years. Staying in the lanes of what’s excepted is encouraged by friends, family and media around you.

What isn’t mentioned, however, is that remarkable people always break the limits of what’s acceptable. They know themselves and understand the importance of being noticed.

1. Knowing Yourself

Understanding and knowing your strengths and weaknesses can be very advantageous. This could allow you to do a lot of things that you may have never thought you could.

A greater understanding of your abilities can help you with verbal battles and take important decisions that may affect your future.

2. Strong Character

Owning up to your doings and facing the consequences should be a character trait that you already have. It makes you not only a gentleman but a quality person.

Of course, in order to develop a strong character, you have to practice. A courageous person develops its traits by starting from themselves and then working their way out to the surroundings.

Therefore, strong character comes from self-respect.

3. Manners

Good manners are always a must. The one thing a gentleman should have is manners.

As the saying goes – a man is defined by its actions, you may not wear the most expensive suit, you need to have good manners.

Of course, acquiring those “good manners” takes time and practice. We would suggest Peter Posts’ book “Essential Manners for Men: What To Do, When To Do and Why”.

4. Knowledge

In order to thrive in this world, you have to be aware of what is taking place around you, and knowledge can help you better understand this.

Of course, if you have deeply developed a feel for this, or you are just born with an analytical mind, then you may not need a book by yourself.

Still, here are some of our teams’ favourite reads:

5. Taste for The Good Things in Life

If there is one trait that is shared among “timeless gentlemen” is that of a high understanding of “refined taste”.

Ultimately that means enjoying things, that aren’t always enjoyable. For example, some foods taste awful, yet they are considered among people to be the epitome of luxury.

What we think the right thing to do is to accept that. Even if something is presented to you as luxurious and refined, and you don’t agree, just keep it to yourself.
Don’t be a snob, have your own thoughts and ideas, however when shared you’ll most likely never convince the person standing in front of you.

Because of this, you should experiment what you like. Study wines and foods, as well as spending some time trying new experiences and sports.

6. Entourage

The five people you spend the most time with, determine who you are.

This may one of the best life hacks one can receive in his lifetime. What you should do is surround yourself with people who think, and act they you do. (Or want to do.)

Sometimes your best friend or your loved one can be holding you back. It’s important to have that talk with them.

7. Appearance

The way you look and carry yourself speaks a lot to others. People, like it or not, judge you by the way you look first, and then by who you really are.

Because of this, it’s important to dress as best as you can and look impeccable when the situation requires it.
This could mean ironing your clothes, changing your footwear, or visiting your barber more often than you do.

Taste and feel for this type of life is something that is learned. You could inherit it from your father or grandfather, or you can learn by yourself.
It would take years before you master it, but the most important thing is to be yourself. This is what would make every man a gentleman and vice versa.

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