The Dirfference Between Derby’s and Oxfords

Every gentleman needs to know what he is wearing.

There is a different style of shoes for every man out there. But as a stylish man you should know what shoe falls under what category and the way a shoe is put together.
Now, it’s fairly easy to tell apart monk-straps from any other lace-up shoe out there, but when you go out looking for a certain pair of shoe it’s not so easy to differentiate a pair of derby’s for a pair of oxfords, especially if you have no idea where to look.

Fear no more, gentleman, after you are done reading you’ll be able to tell apart both styles and never mistake them again.


When you take a look of a derby shoe there is one thing that should immediately strike your eyes. The shoe looks robust, made for tough wear and to last you at least a decade.
What you should know about the derby is that it’s best worn with more casual wear, with jeans and chinos. If you want to experiment you can wear them with a suit, but the one rule you have to follow is to go with a more traditional, British look. Go for a tweed suit, with more pattern.

For the best look stick to brown derby shoes as they are more versatile than their burgundy and black brothers.


The stitching of the derby shoe is on top of the vamp. The construction method of open lacing contrast that of the Oxford. As it was usually used as a sporting and hunting boot the robust of this shoe is unquestionable.
That is why this shoe is best worn with jeans and chinos.

The Outfit

Derby Outfit.jpg
Blazer – Etro • Shirt – Thomas Pink • Shoes – Jil Sander • Jeans – Incotex • Belt – Bottega Veneta


The Oxford shoe is one of the mandatory shoes that should be in your collection. Designed for strictly formal wear trough the years the shoe became more and more versatile.
You can mostly get them in black and brown, sometimes bi-colored like the one above, the Oxford shoe is best worn with more formal clothes. Perfect for any suit its elegant form is usually made with a Goodyear welt construction.

The Oxford should be your go-to dress shoe.


The way the Oxford is made is exactly the opposite of the way the Derby. The shoelace eyelets are sewn under the vamp, which results in a sleeker and more stylish look.

The Outfit

Oxford Outfit.jpg
Suit – Gucci • Shirt – Hugo Boss • Tie – Canali • Shoes – John Lobb • Belt – J. Crew • Socks – Marcoliani

Final Words

Now that you know the difference between the Oxford and the Derby you are ready to go and rock your favourite. Do you have any other topic that you want us to cover?
Share it with us in the comments!

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