James Bond’s Style Mistakes

Ian Fleming’s Bond has been nothing short of a style inspiration for generations of men throughout the world. While Double O Seven leads a life of luxury, his Aston Martin cars and the skills he uses to seduce Bond girls won’t hide his style mistakes from us.

Bond movies have been on the big screen since 1962 and the character has been portrayed by actors in the likings of Mr. Sean Connery. Through all these years there must be some style mistakes that Bond made. And there are!

That’s why we’ve gone through all the Bond movies, and we’ve listed the style mistakes that Bond made. Just a quick heads up, while there were definitely some horrendous (and even funny) looks, Gentleman Zone Menstyle Magazine picked those that are harder to spot.

James Bond’s Monochromatic Style

Daniel Craig's monochromatic suits in James Bond.

Daniel Craig’s Bond, while one of the most iconic portrayals of The Queen’s best weapon, has a dull, even boring wardrobe. Yes, the suits are mostly well fit (but not perfect) and yes, Mr. Craig definitely knows how to wear them… But they’ve become boring.

While minimalism can improve your style, as it allows you to invest more in less clothing pieces, it can become boring after some time. The problem is that Bond is all about adventure, but the outfits in the latest portrayal are more of an IT specialist shopping from Zara.

Should you try the monochromatic look? Yes, go for it. While it can become boring, adopting greys, whites, and blacks as your go-to color can definitely make you look well put together. It’s also a fool-proof method if you’re new to classic menswear and don’t feel comfortable experimenting with color. Just remember to put on a colorful tie every once in a while.

Bond’s Awful Pink Tie (and tie knot)

Sean Connery wearing a hideous pink tie.

Kudos to giving pink a go, it’s an awesome color, but Sean Connery definitely missed this one. In fact, the tie is so bad that it would have been better if it didn’t make the final cut of Diamonds are Forever.

Given that ties are going through a phase of abandonment (Bad millennials!), we’re sorry to say you’re better by skipping this style.

The contrast of the wide pink tie and the crisp white shirt makes it look even worse. A knot like this reminds us of Danny DeVito in Twins.

Even Bond Messes a Black Tie Look

James Bond wearing a ruffled shirt with a tuxedo.

There are some rules in men’s classic style that should be bent, others that should be outright forgotten and some that shouldn’t, by no means, be broken.

While a ruffled shirt may have been popular with the boys of 19 century, the so-called poet shirt has been out of style since then.

We just can’t see how the shirt can look good outside of a Halloween costume, and neither we understand why would Bond choose it.

George Lazenby may carry his easygoing Australian vibes in the wardrobe of the character, but someone should’ve told him to skip the ruffled shirt and instead opted for a proper white pleated button up shirt.

Shy away from overly extravagant clothing (unless that’s your thing) as it mostly looks bad. It will look bad in ten years and looked bad 10 years ago, as well. Stick to the rules of black tie and go with whatever the black-tie event is calling for.

Playsuits are for Bond Girls

Sean Connery wearing a terrycloth playsuit in blue.

Yes, as harsh as it may sound Sean Connery totally messed up with his playsuit. It looks bad on him and even worse – it looks childish. This may go down in history as the worst outfit of Bond. Who knows…

So, without paying more attention to this horrendous outfit than it deserves, we would just say that it’s bad. Plus, we can’t see any possible way for a man to pull this off.

Daniel Craig’s Badly Fitted Bond Suits

Daniel Craig wearing a suit that way too tight in the movie James Bond.

Not to hate on the whole wardrobe of the latest Bond, but Daniel Craig’s suits were pretty ill-fitted. While it takes a lot of suits to film a movie, people would’ve appreciated quality tailoring for someone that protects Her Majesty.

The common traits among most of Bond’s suits were jackets that are too tight and badly tailored. Most of the jackets were shorter than traditional cut suit jackets. The whole trendiness thing is okay, just not with a character that is known for their appreciation of traditional British craftsmanship.

Can you try Daniel Craig’s style? Sure, why not. The shorter, tighter cut of Bond’s jackets may not look good on Mr. Craig’s muscular physique, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t look good in it.

In conclusion Bond is one of the greatest style inspirations from the big screen. He’s been for more than half a century. Yes, the stylists have made mistakes in the past but who hasn’t?

No worries though. Bond has maintained the classic menswear look throughout all of his movies. While in some instances breaking the rules worked against his favor, Ian Fleming’s character definitely knows how to bend the rules of style.

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