Wedding Attire for Men

It’s the wedding season. As a well-dressed man, you just need to look impeccable for one of the most important days of the life of your friend, or yours. After all, you want to be remembered as the best-dressed guy at the wedding, don’t you?

Your wedding style should be perfect, tailored to perfection. However, what if it’s your wedding? What will be the best outfit? Don’t worry, gentlemen! In this guide we’ll go through everything that a man should know about wedding style and most importantly how to look killer on a wedding.

The Wedding Dress Code

An event from this type requires preparation. Depending if you are going to be the groom, the best man or just one of the many guests there are different outfits for any occasion. In your life, you’ll have to attend a handful of these wonderful events and hopefully, you’ll be playing the three roles in some part of your life. That’s why it’s important to take a look at them.

The Guest

If you are going just as a regular guest then you might consider what the dress code of the wedding will be. Is it formal? Casual, maybe? This type of questions can easily be answered by the groom or bride, and if you aren’t sure then it’s totally okay to ask. It’s 2017 so a quick email will do the job. You can also use this occasion to confirm that you will be attending the wedding.

What outfit will be appropriate for the wedding?
As a guest, you have the most freedom. Pretty much you can get by with a suit and if you don’t want to go all dressy you can get by with a shirt and chinos. Still, if the wedding invitation states that it will be a white tie event then you better go with the proper attire for that dress code or don’t show at all. As I mentioned above, if you are unsure you can always write a quick email to ask for the wedding dress code.

What to wear!
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The Best Man

As the best men, you just have to coordinate your outfit to the groom. It’s important that you participate in the process of organizing the wedding and discuss with the married to be what outfits will work best. As it’s very common that you won’t be the only best man make sure to come up with outfits that will be the same for all the best men and make sure that they will flatter the outfit of the groom. What that means is making sure the guests won’t be too busy looking at the best men because of their outfits but rather make the guests take notice of the groom.

What would be appropriate to wear for a best man?
This is best to be discussed with the groom and bride. Because the bride will have bridesmaids it’s important the all of the outfits be coordinated. Discuss the theme of the wedding and how the couple wants the whole event to look and feel. Make sure that you help them with the wedding planning and if you have to design the outfits. Not like designing them from scratch, but more like put the outfits together.

What to wear!

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The Groom

It’s one of the biggest days of your life. You are getting married and you just have to look impeccable. The shirt, the suit, the shoes – everything must be perfect. However, it’s e very thin line between looking amazing and outshining the wedding dress of your bride. And that’s a problem many man struggle with.

What to wear as a groom?
How you deal with this problem is you either hire someone to plan your outfit, or you just go with a solid tuxedo outfit. Either you choose, you’ll look great on your wedding.

However, when you are planning such an expensive event and you want to spare a couple of bucks you can always take inspiration from these outfits:

What to wear!

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The type of wedding

All of the outfits that we discussed above are great for the typical wedding but what do you wear to a beach wedding? This type of wedding is more casual, the weather will be warmer and you might end up with sand in your shoes. What do you wear then?

The answer is: Certainly not shorts!

Even though it’s a more casual wedding shorts aren’t the right choice (it might be the right choice if the groom is also wearing shorts). In this type of wedding, you will be able to go more casual and the jeans/t-shirt/blazer combo will do a great job. A beach wedding can still demand you be dressed a certain way, and if that’s the case then definitely stick to the dress code.

The fabrics

We discussed the different weddings and the outfits that will go great for a wedding, however what about the fabrics? What your suit will be made out of is definitely important and it’s primarily dictated by the weather and the season the wedding is going to be. It’s always a good idea to stick to common sense and go with these fabrics when it comes to choosing a suit. Here are also my favorite fabrics for every season:

Winter (also applies for late Fall and early Spring): I’d say the winter is the best season for wearing a suit. You are looking at thicker and warmer fabrics. My best picks are: wool, tweed, cashmere and herringbone. The reason I love this fabrics so much is that most of them have a really nice natural pattern that just gives the suit a bit of character.

Summer (also applies for late Spring and early Fall): Warm weather suits are always great to wear because it shows that you are stylish. It’s best to stick to lightweight breathable fabrics like linen, cotton, seersucker and fresco. These suits will keep you cool during the hot summer weather and you’ll still look amazing

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