Outfit Ideas for a First Date and Where To Go On a First Date

Going on a first date? Congrats to you! That often is the hardest step, but it’s nearly the end. The way that the date itself is going to go, and the way that you are going to present yourself is c.r.u.c.i.a.l.

By now you know that first impressions matter. People judge you by the clothes first, your hair (think of boosting testosterone naturally) as much as you don’t agree with it. That’s why you need put a bit of preparation in your outfit. It needs to be on point.

But what is the best outfit for your date? You probably figured out that there isn’t one fits all outfit, and you are right. That’s why we are going over the best outfit ideas for every single type of date and the suitable outfits for any of them.

Where to Go on a First Date?

On your first date, you have to be stunning. Everything has to be planned to the smallest detail. It’s the first impression that matters. However, in a world where everything is cliché, it’s really really hard to come up with something original.

Going to the movies for your first date isn’t the best choice. Taking them out to dinner is the go-to for any man without imagination.

Even though the type of the first date hugely depends on the person you are going out to, you can still give some ideas for when and where to see each other.

Great Ideas For a First Date

The casual first date might be the hardest one to pull off. In a more sophisticated circumstances you might get along with not being fully yourself, and that’s okay. However, once you go with a casual going out you are supposed to be you.

That’s not a bad idea. Not at all! However, you must plan things good, especially if you want lusty gentleman sex. How are you going to spend the time together? And the harder question – where?

Here are our picks for the best first casual date ideas.

  • Going out to the beach
    It’s a hard decision to make. Some of us aren’t comfortable in showing our nearly naked bodies at first date. Even in a swimsuit. You might be totally okay with it, however, make sure that the other person isn’t timider than you are.

    Instead, go for a stroll on the beach. It’s timeless, yet not overused, date idea that you should take advantage of.
  • Go to a concert
    But not a very long one…
    When deciding on a date like going to the cinema, or going to a concert you don’t have the opportunity to get to know each other.
    Visit a concert that is both short and easy to get out of. That way you have more options to get out if things don’t go to plan (or do).
  • First Date Dinner Ideas (Not in a restaurant)
    Being an all-time cliché you should stay away from going to a restaurant. Instead, use the opportunity to make dinnertime more exciting. Go to a picking. Choose a suitable place where both of you will feel comfortable and have a nice dinner there.

By following any of these tips you can have a pretty cool casual date. But, you’ll still have to look good. The right outfit is mandatory for this type of event.

What we would suggest for a casual date is still dependent on the girl that you are going out with. If you are a huge sneakerhead then definitely be yourself! Sneaker culture is big right now. Shortly put you have to take advantage of the type of date and the person you are dating with. Start with that. With this said here are a couple of outfits that will work great for a casual date out.

Dress Up and Try These First Date Ideas!

Whatever the type of formal first date it requires planning. Most times a formal date will be in the evening. Balls and dinner are often the occasions. If you want to look great for this type of date and event then you need to follow a dress code.

If a dress code is mandatory, then you must stick to it and not try something risky, although if you feel you can, then definitely go for it!

If you aren’t invited to some type of events like dinner or ball, then you are the one planning it. It easy when you know if it’s a black or white tie event. But here’s what to you can wear to any type of formal date and also some first date ideas.

  • Dinner
    Okay. Let’s hit it with the first cliché. If you want to stick to a formal environment, then the best restaurant in town would be your first choice. But, sometimes you’ll have to plan weeks ahead in order to book a table at that place? Well, even when you don’t have the luxury of time you can still give your best to get a table at this or the next best place.
  • Cocktail
    A cocktail party screams nothing but class. If you have the chance to combine the first date and this event then do so.

No matter where you choose to go for a first date you just have to look the part. The style should be on point and the outfit must be carefully chosen. 

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