How to be a Real Gentleman in 5 Simple Steps

Being a gentleman is like being a real-world superhero these days, as the decline of men’s taste in fashion over the years, paired with the gradual fading of basic manners has made the few remaining gentlemen a rare species. As you might have imagined, women and bosses alike love coming across a real gentleman, so you want to do whatever it takes to step outside of the modern-day norms, adopt the following gentlemanly traits and skills, and reap the long-term benefits. Here is how you can become a real gentleman in just five steps.

First and foremost, a gentleman wears suits. Maybe not to bed or a casual night out, but to all formal functions, business meetings and gatherings, and of course, the office. Remember, you can never be too well dressed, so make sure formal suits become an inseparable part of your wardrobe. Furthermore, you should always know your preferred suit materials and only wear those pieces that complement your appearance.

Is your face long and narrow, or wide? Are your shoulders wider than your hips, and are your legs longer than your torso?
These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself in order to choose
the perfect shirt, and get those suit pieces that fit you the best.

A gentleman is stylish even with a casual outfit.

There is nothing more disappointing than a well dressed gentleman at the office, who reveals his true sense of style on a casual night out. Style and class truly shows itself in the casual wardrobe of a gentleman. And you want to be one 24/7. In order to do that, you need to maintain a stylish casual appearance. Sometimes, a casual look can simply mean ditching the tie and letting some skin show, in different scenario you might have to change your attire completely.

When it comes to being casually cool, you can’t go wrong with a pair of chinos and a fitted shirt. Be sure to have a set of smart casual jackets in your closet to easily transition from formal to casual and back in a blink of an eye.

A real gentleman knows his way around accessories and can easily bring his everyday fashion to a completely new level of style by combining the right colors with the most exquisite details to complement his attire.

Mind you, it can be quite easy to overdo it and become a laughing stock of the entire office, or even worse, make your date leave early. Modesty is the key here, so make sure to complement your suit with a stylish pocket square, your wrist with a retro watch, and wear a few beaded bracelets on the opposite hand to highlight your devilish personality.

A gentleman always learns new things!

There is nothing sexier and more demanding of respect and admiration than a man imbued with knowledge and a flair for exploration. This is why you want to learn new skills that will dazzle everyone around you and make you the talk of the office and the life of every party. One of the best ways to make the opposite sex want to be near you and the men like you is to master the art of mixology.

Cocktail making is an art as much as it is science, so make sure you learn how to combine the most daring tastes with the best spirits in the world and become everyone’s new best friend.

Lastly, you want to maintain gentlemanly conduct at all times. No matter if you are at a bachelor party or a business function, at a wake or a poolside barbecue, your manners will define you, get you the girl of your dreams and make your every job interview a success. Remember to smile while you talk, look people in the eyes, shake their hand firmly yet with a friendly touch and stand up straight when you walk. This way you will immediately leave a positive impression.

The mark of a real gentleman entails the combination of an exquisite sense of style and exemplary conduct. By following these five essential guidelines, you can become a part of the admirable few, and reap the numerous benefits of being a lifelong gentleman.

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