How to Dress Casually

Here, on Gentleman Zone, we talk regularly about suits.

Suits  are great, they can make you look slimmer, taller and speak a lot about what we think of ourselves. But what should we do when we go casual. No dapper suits and cool monk-straps.

Expressing your style when dressing casually can be quite difficult especially when you don’t know a thing about it. A lot of men go to work and when they have to lay down their suit they have no idea what to put on.

If you are a guy that doesn’t have to wear suits to work we’ve got you covered. Go and check out our Three Kickass Business Casual  Outfits.

So, for all the dudes out there here are some casual outfit ideas for you to draw inspiration from.

Outfit No. 1


Outfit N1.png
Shirt – NN07 • Chinos – Thom Browne • Sneakers – Nike • Belt – Anderson’s • Watch – Tag Heuer • Sunglasses – Persol


Great for going out with friends for a drink, or a walk, or just a casual day out. It’s a simple outfit based on classic clothes that you can find everywhere.
The colours are summer and muted with only the belt sticking out.

Outfit No. 2


Outfit N2.png
Jeans – Saint Laurent • T-Shirt – Alexander McQeen • Bracelet – Lanvin • Shoes – Tod’s • Glasses – RayBan


Getting trough the day looking great is very easy to do with this outfit. It’s lightweight with three key feature that you won’t notice throughout the day.

Outfit No. 3

Outfit N3.png
Shorts – J. Crew • Polo – Ralph Laurent • Shoes – Jimmy Choo • Sunglasses – Persol

Great outfit for battling the heat. The shorts are great and the espadrilles really bring in the summer mood.

Outfit No. 4

Outfit N4.png
Shirt – Ralph Laurent • Jeans – Saint Laurent • Shoes – Grenson • Belt – Jean Shop • Socks – Anonymous Ism • Sunglasses – Persol • Watch – Omega

This outfit is great for work. Need to get things done? Great! Put on a nice casual shirt jeans and brogues and get out to do business.

Outfit No. 5

Outfit N5.png
Shirt – Gucci • Pants – Gucci • Sneakers – Givenchy • Cardholder – Dolce & Gabbana • Glasses – Tom Ford

Smart-Casual outfit for the office. The lightweight clothes and breathable fabrics make it great for summer and the cool sneakers will make your life so much better because they are really comfortable.

 Final Words

What do you think about our casual guide?
What are your favourite clothes for casual wear?
Share them with everyone in the comments bellow!

– Evgeni

Evgeni Asenov

For the last 4 years I've been enthusiastic about men's style, lifestyle and fashion. Trough trial and error I've learned some things in this area and now I'm here to share with everyone who might be interested.

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