The Guide to Sunglasses

Sunglasses are an important acessorie for men.

Every self-respecting stylish man owns at least one pair of great sunglasses that suit him perfectly.
No matter the season, if it’s appropriate the stylish man will always wear a great pair of sunglasses.

It’s widely known that sunglasses will make you more handsome and cooler. The reason is that when you wear the right style of sunglasses you give your face symmetry. And with a symetrical face, you become the most handsome mother f*cker out there.

Face Shapes

If you look on Google you can get almost 10 different face shapes. The truth is that there are only four and no matter what anyone tells you your face is somewhere in between these four shapes.

The Shapes

The Square Face

face_square_male_animate If you are gifted from the Gods with chiseled brow and prominent broad jawline then congrats my friend you have the face features every man wants.
But with such manliness that your face has packed you’ll need to soften things a bit.

The best way to do it?

Rounded frames should be your pick. Aim for semi-rimless like Club Masters, or Aviators, but my best pick would be Persol 714’s.

The Heart Face

face_heart_male_animateIf you have a heart-shaped face then you’ll have to put a bit of effort into finding your best suiting shades. Heart-shaped faces tend to naturally set your eyes as the main feature of your face.

In order to look great in shades, you’ll need to find a shape that elongates your face and directs the attention downwards. The best way to do it is with either with light colored frames or go rimless. Aim for AviatorsSemi-Rimless or Rimless sunglasses.


The Oval Face

face_oval_male_animate I’m sorry square face guy, but when it comes to sunglasses the oval face guy has it all.
If you have an oval face then you can take your time and experiment with all the shapes that you want.


Because most of the time everything will look good on you.
If your face is way longer than it’s wide then you might want to try rectangle frames. They will do the job perfectly if you want to balance your face.


The Round Face


This is the category where I fall under. Typically round faces have proportionate width and height. The best way to balance the round features on your face is to go with more square and rectangle shapes.

My favourite pick is a great pair of Wayfarers but you can feel free to try out Ovals and Rectangular shapes.

Final Words

Did you find your face shape?
Sunglasses are a great way to up your style game and you should utilize it to the maximum. What are your favourite sunglasses?
Share them with us bellow!

Illustrations from Sunglass Hut
Evgeni Asenov

For the last 4 years I've been enthusiastic about men's style, lifestyle and fashion. Trough trial and error I've learned some things in this area and now I'm here to share with everyone who might be interested.

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