Men’s Summer Suits

Putting on a suit in this crazy hot weather can be an awful experience.

Though wearing a suit is one of the most pleasant things you can do, wearing one in the summer certainly isn’t. You sweat, it  sticks to you and you can’t wait to go home and take it off. For some people that’s reality. The reason you put on a suit in such a hot weather is most likely because your occupation is obliging you.

If you can slip trough and go without a suit to work you should definitely check out our article on great Business-Casual summer outfits

If you can’t however, then you should definitely keep reading.


It’s great to know a few things first. The fabric of the suit is the most important of all. You should be looking for lightweight fabrics like linen. I have seen linen blend suits before, and if you find one it’s definitely worth a try. The difference between the linen and the blend fabric is that the blend won’t wrinkle because it contains cotton. If you, however, have no problem with wrinkles, then you should definitely get a linen suit.

Another great summer fabric is the fresco wool. Totally great for summer, you should have at least one fresco suit in your wardrobe. It’s also probably the most suitable for formal occasions and the office. It doesn’t get wrinkled and it’s way more structured than linen.

If you, however, want to scream SUMMER, you should go only, and when I say only, I mean ONLY one type of suit, and that is the seersucker.
Striped, wrinkled and American. It’s the perfect get away from the hot weather. You can’t get any cooler than sporting a seersucker striped suit.


Of course, if you choose to go with a suit without lining you’ll be more comfortable than with a lined suit. It’s really just great for summer, you can feel the air coming through the pants.

What you also skip on is the structure That the lined suit gives you. You won’t look as formal, and if the suit isn’t fitting you nicely you won’t look as good. If you have the extra money go and tailor three or four suits for the summer. You’ll be sure that they fit perfectly and this won’t be any of your troubles.

If you are on the budget side, then go and get an off the rack suit, then visit your tailor.


Men's Summer Suits - Linen.png
Jacket – Kingsman • Pants – Kingsman • Shirt – Hugo Boss • Shoes – Santoni •                          Tie – Kingsman • Pocket Square – Gucci • Watch – Shinola • Socks – Paul Smith •                Sunglasses – Ray-Ban


Men's Summer Suits - Cotton.png
Jacket – Kingsman • Pants – Kingsman • Shirt – Canali • Shoes – Brioni • Pocket Square – Paul Smith • Tie – Marwood • Glasses – Persol • Socks – Sunspel


Summer Suits - Seersucker.png
Jacket – Haspel • Pants – Haspel • Shirt – Saturdays NYC • Hat – Borsalino • Shoes – Paul Smith • Pocket Square – Turnbull & Asser • Sunglasses – Maison Margiela • Watch – Uniform Wares


Although a great season, summer can be quite difficult for men who love to wear suits. hopefully, with this guide, your everyday life will become a bit easier.

What are your tricks for escaping the heat?
Share them with us!


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