How to Wear Flip-Flops

As you might know by now I’m not a vivid fan of flip-flops.

I hate how they look, the way they sound and the styles you can pull off with them. They look cheap, make you look lazy and in my opinion are only good for the beach. (Yeah, they are better than espadrilles, but that doesn’t mean  I’ll change what I wear)

Now, I decided to write a little guide, because there is just so many gentlemen out there that love wearing flip-flops. But don’t take me wrong, if you can, you should substitute them with espadrilles probably.

So, what really is flip-flops.

I couldn’t find anything as the origin of flip-flops, but I’ve read before that they came from the time where men wore dresses and sandals and fought with swords – Ancient Rome.
The flip-flops feature a sole and a band that goes between you toe and the rest of the toes on your feet. It’s really simple and it requires little to none taking care of.
Most people choose to wear them then because they are comfortable and easy to put on and off. But, let’s take a deeper look on the matter of flip-flops.

The Flip-Flops

I have seen all kinds of flip-flops. Leather, rubber, even canvas ones. What you should look for is nice, rubber flip-flops with a clean design. Black, white, brown and even some more striking colors will be a good choice. What I’d recommend is to stay away from light flip-flops. When you are on the beach it’s easy for the sand to leave dirt marks on the upper side of the shoe, ruining it.

Flip Flops Guide 3.png


Flip-Flops Guide 1


Flip Flops Guide 2


Where Should You Wear Them?

Flip-flops are the most casual of all shoes. In my opinion, they should only be worn on the beach, or around the pool. Think of     flip-flops as a beach wear. You wouldn’t go around town with your swimwear, would you?

Styles You Should Avoid

One thing that I can’t look at is flip-flops paired with long jeans. It’s ugly and totally out of place. If it’s your thing and you want to wear them in the city go with shorts – either fabric or jeans don’t matter but never wear them with long chinos, jeans, pants etc.
If you are interested in how to wear them on the beach then simply check our post on beach wear and instead of espadrilles put on flip-flops:

Men’s Beach Style

Final Words

Flip-flops are not for everyone. Some men are totally comfortable with them, but I’m certainly not one of them. Again, if they are not your thing then just swap them for espadrilles.
What are your tips for wearing flip-flops?
Share them with us in the comments!

– Evgeni

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