The Easy Guide to Easy Style

Often regarded as casual or effortless there is something mesmerizing about the laid-back looks the easy style has.

Great understanding of style is needed to keep things tasteful and good looking when deciding to opt out for a more effortless look. While many men are afraid to dress down a double-breasted blazer, the true style comes from trying new things and finding new things that look good on you.

But how can you take the tricks fro the masters of laid-back looks and incorporate them into your everyday style? Let’s find out by analyzing the styles of some of the sprezzatura masters.

Leonida Ferrarese

Mr Ferrarese has a truly unique style. We can surely say that it is a unique mesh of old Italian style with some modern garments in between. Here are the top four things you can learn from him.

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Experiment with Denim Jackets

Leonida Ferrarese rocks a denim jacket.
The skillfully combined denim jacket by Mr Ferrarese really brings the outfit together.

Denim jackets are a men’s garment classic. Lately, stylish men from all over the world have done an amazing job with experimenting with denim jackets.

It’s impossible to ever get the flattering silhouette of a well-tailored blazer, but substituting it with denim piece of outerwear is absolutely possible.

We recommend sticking to more casual tones, such as white, brown and even some blues, depending on the shade.

For the shirts, you can go with the all-time basic white and be sure you’ll look amazing. If you feel like stepping outside of the comfort zone you can try with blues and greens, but we suggest you avoid patterns and contrasting collars.

The jacket pictured above is something in between a blazer and a field jacket made out of denim, but it can be substituted with a normal denim jacket easily.

Bet on Naval Style

Naval style by Mr Frarrese
Betting on naval style often pays off. Here Mr Frarrese wears a blue double-breasted with seersucker trousers.

Spending time next to the ocean, and why not even enjoying a boat ride can be a tremendous experience.

All of this would only be multiplied when coupled with a nice, naval-inspired outfit.

Mr Ferrarese elegantly pulls off a white striped seersucker trouser, combined with a lightweight white button up and a double-breasted jacket.

Everything in his outfit is put together with brown boat shoes.

Don’t forget to put on a pair of quality suspenders.

If you want to pull off a similar look, then we suggest you stick to blues and whites for the clothes, and browns and blues for footwear.
Choose breathable and natural fabrics such as cotton and seersucker.

Roll Up Those Sleeves

A double-breasted, olive green suit with rolled up sleeves looks quite good in our opinion.

Rolling the sleeves of a blazer isn’t a new thing. However, if done correctly it can be really stylish.

How to do it right, you ask?

Well, for a starter you will have to own a blazer with functioning buttons.

Those are a bit more expensive than blazers with non-functioning buttons, but the functioning buttons add value to the garment.

When rolling the sleeve, you’d want no to cuff it no more than once. Unbutton the first three buttons and cuff them. Make sure you cuff the shirt the same way over the sleeve of the blazer.

Pro tip: Skip the tie when rolling the sleeves. Aim for a more relaxed, simple look. After all, it’s about battling the heat in style.

Trousers Can and Should Be Fun

Fun trousers and a beach - perfect combination.
A tasteful, colourful trouser should be in the wardrobe of every gentleman.

Not all men can pull off colorful pants with crazy, intricate designs, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

Mr Ferrarese rocks a beautiful pair of trousers in shades of blue and white.

Take notice that the setting of which this trouser is worn is as casual as it can be – on the beach next to wooden boats.

If you are going for a walk on the beach, and you happen to be on a heavenly island, then definitely break out that quirky pair of trousers!




Mr Fabio Attanasio

Mr Attanasio, the founder of The Bespoke Dudes definitely knows how to pull off a laid-back, casual style.

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The Laid Back Biker Style

Riding a bike on the weekend style.
The casual nature of riding a bike on a weekend fits perfectly with this outfit.

Hop on that bike on any given weekend and you will feel the best thing there is in the world – freedom.

On that note, without the proper outfit, everything is ruined.
Here, Fabio is wearing a brown leather jacket – an iconic garment – under it a casual crewneck pullover.

The olive green cuffed pants are an amazing way to keep the sartorial look of the outfit while maintaining the rugged look.

Of course, for the footwear, Mr Attanasio has opted out for nice brown leather sneakers.

If you are going for such a look, make sure you keep it with basic pullover, a nice leather or field jacket.

You can go with chinos or a pair of suit trousers.

Opt for a Suit (but make it effortless)

Light blue suit with white button-up.
A light-blue suit with a white shirt will always look good, in our opinion.

What makes a man in a suit stand out? Well, of course, the first thing that would come to your mind is accessories.

But that’s easily replicated, everyone can find nice and interesting accessories.
It’s the attitude that makes a man in a suit to stand out. And when we are on the ‘easy style’, we can’t avoid talking about sprezzatura.

Mr Attanasio seems to be a master in that area managing to pull off a suit even on a vineyard.

While we can only imagine this was done on an exquisite wine-tasting trip, we can’t avoid noticing the effortless attitude the owner of The Bespoke Dudes gives off.

If you want to replicate his look invest in a nice light blue suit, the basic, but ever-so-stylish white button up, and a quality pair of worn-in loafers.
Of course, don’t forget to put on a classic pair of sunglasses and solid-coloured suspenders.

Introduce a White Suit in Your Wardrobe

Opt for a white suit in the warmer days.
A white suit is the perfect weapon to fight off the heat.

We have to admit. Pulling off a white suit is hard!

It’s way too easy to end up looking dull, and inexperienced.

But, of course, with the style sense of Mr Attanasio, that’s near impossible.

The man knows his style game, and we just can’t do anything but stop for a second and appreciate the simple, yet elegant and unique style he wears in the photo above.

The suit and the button-up shirt are both white, but the different shades give the outfit depth and dimension.

The brown leather loafers, give the suit a more formal look, yet stay true to the summer vibe.

The black tie, although conservative as a colour, may be the most suitable choice for this outfit, as anything else would risk looking tacky and distasteful.

We suggest visiting a tailor for your white suit, as this way you can have more control on the type of fabric, a shade of colour, and, of course, fit.

Also, find a contrasting, bright coloured pocket square to complement the suit.

Master the Colder Days

A perfect combination for the colder summer days.
Mr Attanasio skillfully combines a beige trouser with a brown jacket.

While some of us are lucky enough to live in places where the sun never stops shining, other have to deal with a much colder type of summer.

Yes, we’re talking about the men up north, and as we all know, summer has a completely different meaning.

Weather changes rapidly, more often than not people have to deal with bad weather, and functional outfits are a must.

So, we couldn’t help but notice the nice outfit Mr Attanasio has put together in the shot above. The blazer is warm enough to help you with battling the fast-changing drop in temperature, while the inner layers stay functional.

You can always lose the sweater, or you can throw the jacket in the car, depending on how you see fit.

The warmer tones, such as brown, while more suitable for the Autumn season, still look amazing in the summertime.

However, colours can be easily substituted according to where you live and your surroundings.

Mr Danilo Carnevale

While browsing the menswear world you can’t miss Mr Carnevale.

His unique approach to style sets him apart in a true Italian fashion.

While his style is probably something that only a selected few can pull off, you can take some of his signature style looks and implement some of them in your own outfits.

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Sturdy Jackets and a Little Detail…

A suede jacket combined with a denim shirt and denim trousers.
Mr Carnevale wearing a suede jacket combined with a denim shirt and denim trousers.

Small, sometimes even hidden details are what give outfits what we call ‘character’.

Why? Mainly because the little things are what makes us all unique. It’s the same with outfits.

Sturdy jackets, on the other hand, are something that should be in every man’s wardrobe.

There is always a good occasion to break the sturdy jacket out and style it in a never seen before outfit. It’s a classic garment that every man can enjoy!

Your jacket of choice can be leather, velvet, or any other style of field/motorbike type of jacket.

And remember, if you are too afraid to make the jacket dirty, then maybe it shouldn’t be considered as ‘sturdy’.

Dress Down That Double Breasted Blazer

Casually worn double-breasted jacket.
Danilo casually wearing a double breasted jacket.

Double breasted blazers are one of the dreamiest garment a man can own.

Just a notch below the black tie attire, it’s kind of hard to tone down a classic-cut double breasted blazer.

But is it fun? Hell yes!

It takes understanding of style, and most importantly curiosity to find out what sits good on you, what combination works best, and in what setting can be worn.

However, managing to pull off a classic cut double breasted blazer will ensure your place in the best-dressed men list of Gentleman Zone.

We would suggest sticking with classic colors such as black or grey. A pattern will always help with dressing down the outfit, as long as it isn’t too dressy (think vertical stripes).

Always go with a collared shirt, as it just looks better beneath a double breasted blazer. Of course, that shirt could be anything like a long, or short-sleeved polo or a normal button-up.

As the pants, stick to full-length ones. Shorts and blazers look strange, and frankly should stay in the early 2000’s college ‘comedies’.

Same Colors – Different Shades

An outfit with different shades.
Try to mix different shades to create some unique looks.

Have you ever tried combining the same colors but in different shades?

Try it, and you’ll soon find that it’s not as easy as it may seem. You can easily end up looking like you are in a uniform.

However, try a handful of different combinations and you’ll broaden your horizons on what can be done with a single colour and a couple of different shades.

Here we can see Mr Carnevale rocking a wonderful mustard long-sleeve polo with a similar colour suede jacket.

The lightweight beige chinos make the look relaxed, such as the perfect one for around-town on the weekend.


Casual Footwear

Danilo Carnevale wearing casual shoes.
Give casual footwear a go!

Directly inspired by Mr Gianni Agnelli, at least that’s what we’d like to believe, casual footwear has its perks.

Mainly, it’s super comfortable.

It can be suitably utilized when going for a nice brunch outside of the city, or just taking a little time off in the local park from the hustle and bustle.

It’s still important to coordinate your outfit accordingly, but that shouldn’t stop you.

Take out your ever-faithful kicks from the closet, slip them on, and boom – you’re ready to face all challenges.




The nicer weather is already here, and you should begin utilizing the easy style to some extend.
The world of menswear has virtually no limits, so you can try and test as much as you see fit.

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