The Denim Jacket | 5 Ways To Wear

Every now and then don’t you get the urge to throw away the blazer and change things up a bit?

Because I do. Yes, wearing a blazer that fits good and it’s of high quality really makes a statement. However, lately, I’ve had my eyes on another garment.
The denim jacket is a quite strange one. I’ve seen people wear it with sweatpants, and I’ve seen people wearing it on top of a dress shirt with a great tie of course.

But before we actually get into the different combinations and ways to style and wear a denim jacket we should really get to know it better.

A little bit of history

They say denim is as American as the apple pie. It might be true, who knows. All I know is that in my country you was not allowed to wear denim until 1989. Crazy right? It’s even crazier when you find out you could be jailed if you were caught wearing one. Anyway, the history of the denim jacket starts with no one else but Levy Strauss. The first design of a denim jacket is introduced in 1880, but the craze about denim jackets don’t come until 1950’s.
Why then?
Well, around that time James Dean starts in the movie “Rebel Without A Cause’’ and it’s seen with jeans. It took a couple of years to take off and in the 1960’s Rock’n’Roll comes along and with it the craze about denim.

Although media, movies, music and show business made the popularity of the jean jacket possible it’s a really stylish garment that deserves attention. Throughout years, a lot of household names in fashion has been using the denim jacket to add style and charisma to an outfit.

The Fit

With a square cut, the denim jacket has a totally different fit than a blazer. Rather than becoming slimmer mid-way trough the body, the denim jacket keeps a square silhouette. When you put it on make sure it’s snug but not tight. The areas to keep in mind should be the width of the sleeve and the shoulders, also the length of the jacket and the sleeves. The jacket itself resembles the fit of a leather one in terms of length. It should be shorter, otherwise, it’s not a traditional denim jacket, or it’s too big.

Denim Jacket Fit.png

5 ways to wear it


This look is the perfect example how versatile the denim jacket is. The combination of bold yet nice colors is visible also. The monkstrap shoes add a pitch of style to the whole outfit. Although it’s not a formal wear, you can easily get away with business casual. The pants and the shirt are in very bold colors I’ve tried to tone it down a bit it with the muted gray of the knitted tie and the ash brown tone of the shoes.


With this outfit, I’ve tried to show you the weekend kind of look. Of course, it’s a very comfortable look when traveling. The backpack is great for carrying your laptop and other essentials. The shoes are great for walking with a very soft soul. I personally would wear this outfit when I have to walk more than usual.


This look’s kind of a mixed up thing. You can wear it when you want to go casual to work. The Chelsea boots are a great add on to the whole look and the pouch is great to keep your pockets free. I’d say go with an outfit like this for more casual days. It’s definitely not appropriate for more formal occasions and meetings.


This one is definitely a casual one. It’s great for walks on the weekend and even if you want to grab a cold one with friends after work. The white sneakers and henley are great but you should be careful with them because you can get them dirty in no time. It’s a very comfortable and relaxed look.


Just like the one before it, this is a very casual look. If you prefer black and not white then definitely go with this outfit. The belt is super stylish and the Adidas sneakers are really comfortable. Again, this is a look for when you want to loose the tie and go with a more modern and relaxed look.

Final words

The denim jacket is really a versatile and timeless garment you can have in your wardrobe. How you wear it comes to you. As I’ve always said the style rules are meant to be broken so don’t always follow them!

What is your favorite look? Tell us in the comments bellow!

– Evgeni Asenov

Evgeni Asenov

For the last 4 years I've been enthusiastic about men's style, lifestyle and fashion. Trough trial and error I've learned some things in this area and now I'm here to share with everyone who might be interested.

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