The 1964 Ferrari 250 LM – The Quintessential Gentleman Ride

W  hat is the ultimate driving experience? Well, there certainly ain’t one fits all, but if someone is close to it, it’s Ferrari. The signature red colour and recognisable roar of the engine play a big part of it, but the Le Mans heritage of the car is the real reason why it’s considered to be one of the most influential cars in automotive history and the best car Ferrari has ever build.

The history of the Ferrari 250 LM

Diving into the history of the Ferrari 250 LM means that you’re in for a ride. Not only that it’s one of the most expensive vehicles ever sold to this day, this piece of art car probably has more influence on the motor industry than the Lamborghini Countach.

The Ferrari 250 LM was first introduced in the 1963 Paris motor show, but it wasn’t available for purchase until ’64. Even though the car wouldn’t be considered a mass production vehicle because of the FDA’s 100 car minimum requirement.
Ferrari tried to pass around this law and present the 250 LM as a Ferrari’s 250 GT SWB (Short Wheel Base) remodel, the FDA wasn’t fooled and predicted right – by 1964 Ferrari produced only 32 of those cars and no more were made.

And, man, 1964 was Ferrari’s year for certain. Out of 32 entries Ferrari absolutely dominated the races coming out of the season with ten 1-st places!

In the world of motor racing this car is a legend. In the 1965 Le Mans 24 hour race the car ended up winning and being the last Ferrari to ever do so. The combination of 320 hp and spectacular handling the car managed to cement it’s place in history.

The car today

To this day the Ferrari 250 LM is one of the rarest and most valuable cars the legendary motorsport brand has ever build. Because there were only 32 that left the factory in 1964, today’s tifosi make replicas of the car. They get so much in detail that original factory numbers are put on the chassis to increase the confusion.

The best looking example of this car was sold to the Fry family for $17,600,000! Even though the car has been in quite some races, the vehicle has never been in a serious accident, making it the best example of this Ferrari to exist to date and have Ferrari Heritage Certificate, meaning that the car has it’s all factory parts, and has never had any major remodels!

Even though all those fakes are out there, there is little to no chance that someone can fake the soul of the Ferrari car. The chance might be miniscule that you will ever see this car in real life, but it still should be on the bucket list of every petrol head gentleman out there.

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