The Essential Men’s Winter Garments for This Year


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Winter can be an amazing season! That is especially true if you love to wear coats, boots, and wool garments which are amongst Gentleman Zone’s favourites.

With so many options to choose from, it’s often quite hard to decide what you need and what you want to buy because it’s cool. Well, we can’t be the judge of your spontaneous purchases, simply because we are guilty of it too!

But when it comes to the basics that you can build upon, then we just can’t pass by this topic. Winter style requires more than well-fitting clothes. You need to know how to layer your attire tastefully and keep an elegant silhouette.

Essential Winter Garments a Man Should Own

The key winter garments for men.

The great thing about menswear is that the fundamentals don’t change every season. Because of this you can invest in a nice coat or a cool wool suit and be sure that next year it will look as good and tasteful as now.

When deciding what you want to invest in, it’s always best to consider your lifestyle. Are you working in an office?  Or, do you spend most of your time working outside? Having a clear vision of what will suit you best is the first thing that you need to do before going shopping.
After determining the garments that you need, it’s time to know what to look for.

The Essential Winter Coat

The essential coat for winter.

The elegance a well-tailored coat gives is unmatched. The wide lapels and the heavy fabric give the winter coat a cosy feel during the colder months of the year. Just as every garment a good coat has its characteristic features that show if it’s going to keep you warm and last you for years.

What you should look for in a coat are the fabric and the tailoring. It’s best you shop for a coat in-person in order to feel for yourself the build of the coat. Check the lining and how well made it is. Feel the padding in the shoulders. Often times the lining of lower quality coats tends to rip from wearing. It’s an easy fix if caught in time, but generally, you’d want to avoid this from happening.

When it comes to matching outerwear always demands planning before purchasing. Keep in mind what you wear and the garments you have in your wardrobe. If you find yourself wearing more office outfits, then you might want your overcoat to follow suit. When it comes to the colour palette aim for a shade that will complement your outfit. Navy blue, black, charcoal and even dark green are all amazing colours for daily wear.

When coat shopping, make sure you wear a lighter fabric blazer. The outerwear should have a nice silhouette, but you still should be able to layer it with a blazer and shirt. If you don’t have a blazer with you, then grab one from the shop that fits you and try the coat with it. Is it too tight and restricting movement? If it is, consider where you are living, some places don’t get as cold as others, so you might be well off with just a coat.

If you are hesitating about the fit you should remember that a coat can also be tailored after purchase. The length of the sleeves and the waist width can be altered. The shoulders and the length of the coat can’t, however. That’s why it’s important that it’s the correct length and it fits you in the shoulders.

What to wear!

The Mandatory Button-Ups

Button ups for winter.

Sure, the button ups that you wore during the summer could pass in the winter, but we would suggest you invest in some shirts that are made of heavier fabric. Fine linen and cotton are great for warm weather, but consider getting some oxfords, twill and why not denim.

Heavier fabrics would look great in combination with woven suits and other winter cloths. They will also keep the heat better than more delicate fabrics intended for summer.

A well-made shirt would feel sturdy and soft at the same time. When you go and search for button-ups there are two places where the shirt should fit perfectly. Those being the shoulders and the collar. Everything else can be easily re-done by a skilful tailor and it’s not very pricey too.

Make sure the sleeve isn’t too short, and that it has the proper length, so it doesn’t untuck while moving during the day. Consider the ties that you wear, and choose shirts according. After all, a dressy tie won’t match as well with a denim shirt.

What to wear!

The Winter Wool Suit

Photo by MR. MAKAN

The wool suit might be the most stylish garment in a man’s wardrobe. Demanding perfect fit and absolutely perfect style sense, the wool suit is the ultimate stylish garment for the winter.

Just as any suit, you need to nail the fit. The colours we suggest are brown, black and charcoal. Those seem to be the most versatile of all. The suit isn’t as dressy as the fine fabric suits, but it can still blend in a more formal environment.

Because of the fabric, the suit will keep you warm in normally cold weather. If it’s a bit chilly outside, then you can swap the blazer with your coat of choice.

This type of suit tends to work best with polos and basic button-ups. The main goal is to let the suit be the focal point of the outfit. You read more about the fit on our guide here: How Your Suit Should Fit

What to wear!

The Sturdy Boots

The sturdy shoes for winter.

Depending on your lifestyle you might be walking 10 kilometres a day, or you may not leave the office. This, however, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t invest money into a nice pair of boots that will serve you faithfully for years. The best boots tend to be a bit pricey, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t a worthwhile investment.

Putting some money into a nice pair of boots is especially important because they will protect your feet from the cold weather and will keep your feet dry in the snow or rain.
Leather is the best option because it won’t soak through and wet your feet, which is especially bad in winter. Allen Edmond might be one of the best choices, because of their recrafting service. Basically, you return your old, beaten shoes and they fix them. When you get them back they’re brand new. This is a great option because snow and salt damage the soles and the leather itself.

What to wear!

Gloves! Gloves! Gloves!

The best gloves for winter
Photo by MR MAKAN

There is nothing like great gloves to keep you warm during the cold winter days. Doesn’t matter if you choose leather, or any other synthetic material, gloves will be your hands best friend for the next four to five months.

Just like with shoes, gloves should be of high quality, and if you manage to get the right pair they will last you a lifetime.
Pro Tip – If you get yourself a nice pair of suede gloves you’ve killed two birds with one stone. They will look super cool on most outfits, while leather ones will look nice mostly on dressier outfits.

What to wear!

Scarves for Days

Scarfs are always great for winter.

While a good quality coat can keep you warm, a nice scarf will add that oh-so-important extra layer of protection. Taking your time to find the perfect scarf is important because a nice scarf can be paired with quite a few outfits.

Whether it’s a woven scarf, a more dressy silk one adding it to your outfit brings more of a personal touch to the things. Make sure you coordinate your outfits accordingly.

Many of the scarfs that you can find on the market are of lesser quality, but a quick online search can bring a lot of well-made scarfs that deserve the investment.

What to wear!

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