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he Ford Motor Company is an American automaker founded in 1903 by Henry Ford. Henry Ford built this car giant with integrity and passion and there is no surprise that these values kept and still keep this company alive and well.

Considering how long Ford has been in the automotive industry game, it is safe to say that quality of their vehicles comes because of experience gained through the years. The company has survived difficult times such as the Great Depression to turn driving into a true gentleman sport and that is yet another proof that Ford knows how to persevere and make quality vehicles.

But let us show you why exactly owning a Ford isn’t like owning some other vehicle. That’s why at Gentlemen Zone Manhood Lifestyle & Guide, we wrote this guide.

Wide range of vehicles

A wide range of Fords

Ford prides itself in the fact that it has to offer a variety of vehicles to its customers.

Obviously, Ford makes one of the most popular trucks on the globe (F-150), but they also have many other models to choose from. The automaker offers hatchbacks, sedans (both small and large), SUV’s and crossovers, the ever-popular Mustang, and they even have a hybrid vehicle. And you’ll never have a hard time finding a dealership that sells Ford vehicles. Used or new, Fords are everywhere. It doesn’t matter whether you go for the Ford Fiesta or the Focus or even an Explorer, these vehicles all have that special sense of quality and tradition.

Ever-popular Ford models

A white Ford Mustang

TheĀ Fiesta is Europe’s best-selling car, it is a car countless people learned to drive in, it has been millions of people’s first car, millions of families’ second car and has been pretty much inescapable for 40 years.

The new Fiesta is a reliable and stable car designed to keep it flatter through corners without making you feel like you’re driving a small vehicle. With the top-notch gadgets that are featured in the cabin, you’ll have a hard time keeping your eyes to the front. The console is magnificent and everything looks luxurious.

Ford Focus is the second best-selling car in the UK for a reason. The Focus is bigger than its cousin, the Fiesta, but you’ll immediately notice how they share some features design-wise. The company revamped the looks of the Focus in a recent series of revisions, which has reinforced the subtle but effective styling changes that were unveiled with the launch of this new generation. The cabin looks more sophisticated with a great driving position and comfortable seats. And all of that is topped by the premium quality materials. When it comes to gadgets, the Focus isn’t behind the Fiesta, and you should be seeing the pattern by now. Every Ford vehicle can be considered a well-equipped, reliable and beautiful car. Oh yeah, the Fiesta is a car that outsold the Focus in the UK. You now know why.

When it comes to the SUV segment, Ford has quite a selection for you. And you can even choose their SUVs by size. For example, if you’re looking for car-like handling, then you have to try the compact Escape. But if you want to feel the power of that V6, treat yourself to the midsize Explorer. For all of you with big families, we say the more the better! Ford Expedition is an SUV capable of easily seating up to eight people! And if you’re a fan of space, you’ll be more than satisfied with up to 80.7 cu ft of cargo volume in the Explorer. Every adventurer will have a blast in Ford Edge. The Edge features AWD which gives you traction during rain and is also perfect for rougher terrains.


Ford GT 2017
Image by Ford

Ford is an automaker that builds complete cars. When we say complete, we mean that their cars take pride in their technology, material quality, engine durability and reasonable prices. However, the company also focuses its attention on safety. Ford carries all the typical safety features you find in all models such as the Tire Pressure Monitoring System, the LATCH System and many others. But Ford also has some exclusive and more advanced safety systems. Some of these systems include the Blind Spot Information System, Forward Collision Warning, Advance Trac with Roll Stability Control, and Adaptive Cruise Control. These safety features are one of the reasons why Ford is a front-runner in the automotive industry. Do know that the Ford Focus and the Fusion have both been chosen for the 2015 IIHS Top Safety picks. That’s a true testimony to how safe Ford’s vehicles are.

We hope that you now see why the vast majority of car lovers around the globe believe that driving a Ford isn’t like driving some other vehicle. The company’s emphasis lays on quality and endurance, and every true car aficionado sees that.

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