The Modern Gentleman’s Guide to Socks

There is one question that confuses so many stylish people and they just seem to accept it.

The one thing I’m trying to stay away from teaching in this blog is to make you look like a politician with a good tailor – in other words, a boring looking man with perfectly fitting clothes. Though a lot of men try to express themselves with a bolder tie or pocket square, to prove the world around you that you truthfully know your style game you should go with a more subtle approach.

I have always believed that the devil is in the details, and that’s what I try to show with all my outfits. Deciding to put a little bit more time in choosing your socks rather than going with a dull black sock with your every shoe shows the determination you have and the passion you put in your every outfit.

With this said we can begin with improving your socks knowledge.


Sock come in a variety of patterns, colors, types and fabrics. If you are like most of the men, $300 for socks seems a lot, and it is, but that doesn’t mean you should not spend a bit more on better and longer lasting socks.

Types of socks

With so many choices to choose from, you definitely can get confused. You have the normal socks and then, of course, the long sock, and the knee sock that by the way should be worn only by your girlfriend, low socks, and no-show socks.

The first you need to know that mid-calf and “just bellow the knee’’ socks should be left in your fireplace and burnt. Those two types of socks should never be worn if you want to look like a modern day gent. Just imagine how you’d look if you take a lady at home with you, even if that’s your own wife or girlfriend. Even they should not witness this!

The socks that you should be looking for are normal socks (that reach about 2-3 inches above your ankle), low socks, and no-show socks. Those are the types that won’t look odd if you suddenly get yourself in a situation without pants. Also, the no-show socks are great if you want to go sockless with a dressy pair of shoes, your feet won’t sweat and there won’t be any odor left from wearing your shoes without socks.

The low socks are supposed to be worn with trainers only. So if you are thinking you can go away with wearing your dress shoes with low socks, you can’t. Dress shoes = Normal socks.


In order to show personality, interesting socks must be worn. Choosing socks with patterns is one of the ways to add character to them. The classic patterns are herringbone, houndstooth, and ribbed stripes. If you want something more interesting like arrows, skulls etc. you can easily find hundreds of designs online. However if you are going for a more formal event, then the three above should be your go choices.


The color of the socks shouldn’t be popping. Rich red or electric blue should be off your list. It’s best to go for colors that are muted. Dark red’s, purple’s or orange are great. It’s even better when the socks have patterns in complimenting the color.

Matching your socks with your outfit.

Matching is an easy game once you get it. The simplest way is to go with the golden rule: Always match your socks to the color of the suit. It’s classy and it’s timeless. If you want to go for something more modern and bold then you should definitely go with some different colors and patterns. Now , if you want to match patterns that be a hard thing. Sock patterns aren’t widely used in other clothing. So, I’d suggest you match the color of your socks to let’s say a pocket square or a tie. It’s an easy guide to follow, just make the sure they are from the same color scheme, it’s necessary to be the exact same color.

socks guide 1socks guide 2

Sock Mistakes

There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind. As I mentioned above knee socks are a big no, but so are sock garters. Socks with holes in them should be thrown away. Matching your sock to the color of your shoes is another mistake yo want to avoid. The only time you should match them is when you wear white sneakers, but of course, even then your only choices should be low or no-show socks.

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– Evgeni Asenov

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