The Guide to Collarless Button-Up Shirts

Undoubtedly, the grandad collar shirt is a garment that has the ability to elevate your style. The casual nature of the collarless shirt has already made its comeback in the fashion world, but it hasn’t faded still.

Collarless shirts are commonly referred to as grandad collar shirts, mandarin shirts, and Chinese collared shirts.

It’s not like the grandad collar shirt has the most stylish name in the world. Surely, the name of the garment isn’t the thing that defines how stylish the shirt is.

So, let’s take a look at the history of the mandarin shirt and a couple of ways to wear yours.

The history of the collarless shirt

The history of collarless shirts.

Washing clothes haven’t always been a daily occurrence. People used to wear their clothes for weeks at a time especially during winter. Shirts were also considered to be an underwear garment which was worn below the suit vest, thus it allowed for more wears between washes.

Exactly the lack of clean button-up shirts is what made people come with a great solution to keep themselves looking clean on the outside. (We don’t want to imagine the odor that was coming from these shirts, though).

The Victorian era birthed numerous great man-made inventions. The collarless shirt being one of them, although underappreciated, began to make its rounds among men.

The lack of a collar on the shirt allowed men to use separate collars (this also started the trend of contrasting collars). The fad of interchangeable collars began as a need for men. Fewer washes of the shirt of the shirt meant fewer shirts, which saved money, as back then shirts weren’t that cheap.

So, what we really call a grandad collar shirt is a normal button up that just lacks the top part of the collar.

Tips on how to wear a grandad collar shirt

Menswear history is a never-ending topic, we do know that, but no one wants to dress up with a collarless shirt and end up looking like a grandad. That’s why we came up with a couple of cool ways to wear your button-up and look good even with a lack of a collar.

Go with a colorful jacket

Jackets have a very well known reputation of style fixers. Even the most boring outfit can be transformed into an eye catcher with the proper outerwear.

The casual nature of the grandad collar shirt is an awesome base layer for a red jean jacket or an olive green overcoat. The lack of a collar keeps the whole outfit simple, informal and doesn’t try to dress up something that shouldn’t be.

Focus on solid color button ups

Plaid collarless button ups look particularly dated. Instead, focus on solid colors. A white cotton grandad collared shirt is an amazing blank canvas to build your style on. That goes for other solid colors as well. We’d invest in plain white, black, even some nude colors and, of course, olive green.

The grandad collar shirt is a statement piece and you don’t need ten different shirts. One or two is more than enough to diversify in your wardrobe.

Wear it as a top layer

Jackets are all fine and everything, but putting your grandad collared shirt on top of a simple v-neck tee is where ultimate simplicity lies.

Swapping your jacket for a collarless button-up is a great way to diversify your style a bit.

Just like a timeless leather jacket, a collarless shirt is an awesome garment to layer and use it as the substitute for a lightweight jacket. Make sure to keep it simple, a solid colored shirt with either a graphic, solid color or why not even a pattern tee.

Keep it casual

Whatever style you choose, remember to keep things casual. We’ve seen people trying to dress up collarless button-ups and it hard to do.

Even combining the garment with a full suit won’t look dressed up. However, if you’re trying to dress down a suit – the mandarin collar shirt is an awesome way to do so.

Linen trousers, jeans, shorts, and chinos are perfectly fine. So, while you may not be able to wear your new favorite shirt in more formal settings, you can still rock it to the office (if the setting allows it), on a walk or even a casual dinner.

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