The Best Summer Shoes

Yes, I know we are almost half trough July…

But that does not mean that you should let your shoe game not be on point. No matter what you wear and how you wear your clothes, the shoes are what makes your style game strong.
Put on a bad pair of shoes and it’s all gone. Doesn’t matter if you have the most spot on outfit, and you look sharp as hell, if you don’t have the right pair of shoes you’ve already blown it.

The sun is killing it right now where I live. The past three weeks has been almost all day long more than 90 degrees plus. With that hot of a weather you are just tempted to put on flip-flops (ugh) or even worse – sandals (+ socks if you are a German tourist).

Now, though that sounds tempting, keeping your feet cool, both figuratively and literally, is not that hard of a task. It’s all about the right shoes, the materials they are made of and the way you wear them.


The mistake most men do, and keep doing, is that they want to be stylish, so they go and buy a pair of loafers or moccasins. Now both shoes are great, no doubt about it, but what they don’t think about is wearing socks.
Putting a pair of no-show socks will keep your feet sweat-free and your shoes odor-free. Smelly feet are disgusting and if you have this kind of experience with your slip-on shoes probably that is the problem.

Invest some money in quality no-show socks and no-odor insoles. In the long run it makes a difference, especially if you enjoy buying high quality shoes.


When you are looking for good summer shoes you should prepare to buy not one, not two or three pairs of shoes. The thing is that your feet sweat, nothing can fight that, it’s mother nature being a bitch. And as you may know or not know, sweat is the worst enemy of shoes. They will wear the shoes more that the ground can wear your soles after a couple of years walking with a given pair.

As we said above socks do help, but they can’t fully prevent your feet from sweating. Owning four-five pairs of quality shoes will not only save money, but also will keep your shoes form falling apart in two months. And maybe, with the right care, you’ll get a couple years worth of comfortable shoes.


Penny Loafers Online.png


If you are a gentleman that have to put on a suit every single day, because of his work or just because you enjoy the feeling of wearing a suit, then you should definitely own a pair of high quality suede penny loafers. They are simply great when dressed u with a suit, and the suede works great with the more casual and lighter summer fabrics like linen or a linen-cotton blend.


Moccassins Online.png


Driving moccasins are what the loafer is for the dressy wear. If you like to kick it around with shorts, jeans or chinos in the summer then a pair of nice driving moc’s will definitely come in handy. If they are leather or suede is only to your preference, though the leather is considered to be the more dressy fabric than the suede. Figure out your style and get the right decision, but for me it feels the suede is the better choice.


Espadrilles Online.png


You can’t have a list of summer shoes without espadrilles. The super light, casual espadrilles make for a great alternative of the flip-flops. More sophisticated, better looking and way more elegant than it’s strap cousin, you can wear them on a casual weekend walk in the park and look incredibly stylish, or wear them on the beach, just like me. I somehow prefer them over flip-flops. I guess I just hate how they


Sneakers Online.png


You just can’t miss the sneakers. A quality pair of beautiful sneakers come’s in handy every season. For the summer you should avoid leather ones in all costs. Simply because sneakers aren’t particularly designed to be airy. What you should look for are perforated sneakers which will help with fight with the heat and the odor.


Summer is a great season. You can incorporate a variety of vibrant colors in your wardrobe, and they will never loo off place. When  it comes down to shoes, these four, for me, should be your go to’s.

What do you prefer to wear in the summer?
Share your ideas in the comments!


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