Four Pairs of Sneakers Every Gentleman Should Try

Wearing sneakers can be tricky and oftentimes men fail to do it.

Now, if you’ve read Gentleman Zone before, you’ll know that I’m not really a guy that wears kicks. Give me anything from monk straps, brogues to loafers and boat shoes and I’ll show you a thousand different ways to pair, style and wear them.

But it’s 2016 and the sneaker industry is growing like never before, thus leading to the conclusion that more and more men enjoy wearing kicks.
And who wouldn’t? They are comfortable, a lot of them look really nice and they are durable.

Wearing sneakers badly is something that will ruin your whole look. And I don’t mean like might I mean that it will. Choosing the wrong pair might make your feet look bulky, thus making you appear shorter, or you might end up looking like you’ve taken your girlfriend sneakers [some of them look way too feminine].
So, to clear the fuzz for you, I give my top favorite sneakers for SS 2016 that you can wear with sweatpants, jeans, and even your suit!

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To start things off let’s first look at the sneakers that I think are most suitable and look most elegant of the other types.

Tennis sneakers

When we are talking tennis sneakers, we are talking white tennis sneakers. Not only that they have been in style for more than 50 years, a pair of white tennis kicks will be your stylish white companion.

Usually, white shoes are to be avoided. The maintaining is too hard, they are too hard to combine with the rest of the outfit and frankly they look quite bad. Have you seen a pair of white brogues? Awful!
Not to hate or anything but they are awful, you can’t make me think otherwise. White tennis kicks are something different. I don’t know why they look so cool and elegant when worn right.
Also, I would go with low-top ones and to take good care of them. Looking cool results in loosing of versatility, so make sure to use waterproof and leather protecting spray before wearing them outside, because cmon, there are no shoes that look good dirty. –

I also think that if you want to pull off the “suit-sneakers’’ combo, you need white sneakers. They just make the whole outfit stand out, but burgundy is also a great color.

How to wear them:

adidas originalsCommon Projects White

Low-top sneakers

With low-top sneakers, we are talking a completely different thing. Here you can’t combine them with a suit and the most you are going to get out of them is wearing them with jeans. They just look too sporty.

Best for going for a walk or maybe a picnic they definitely are not suitable for the office (or most of them) in my opinion.

Sneaker choices:

How to wear them:

ButteroCommon Projects blackNike Air

The Colors

So, okay, you’ve found your sneakers of choice  and now comes the time to choose a color. Nowadays you can get every color you can think of: blue, turquoise, red, etc., but not every color looks the same. While blue might be a great color to choose, baby blue is not so much. So, instead of wasting your time here are some fail-proof colors you can choose from:

  • White
  • Black
  • Navy
  • Wine Red [suede or matte leather]
  • Burgundy


With these five colors, you have all the versatility you want and you look dapper at the same time. Just make sure the kicks are not too shiny. After all, you are going for a casual look and not after the shine of a tuxedo shoe.

So, what do you think gentleman?
Share your toughts in the comments with us!

– Evgeni Asenov

Evgeni Asenov

For the last 4 years I've been enthusiastic about men's style, lifestyle and fashion. Trough trial and error I've learned some things in this area and now I'm here to share with everyone who might be interested.

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