Weight Loss | Water?

Loosing weight is something that most of us had to deal at one time or another. I’ve talked before the importance of drinking water, but never talked about this little nifty trick. This one? It helped me a lot! Just substitute all beverages with water. Of course you can still drink coffee and

Why Every Man Needs To Learn To Cook

There are numerous skills that make a man became a gentleman. Among sense of style, charisma, looks there is cooking. Being able to make a beautiful, tasty dish and later serve to a lady is as manly as chopping wood. We’ve talked before on the importance of table etiquette  but today we’re taking

Meditation? |4 Reasons Why You Should

Okay, I will admit it! For the past month I am probably the busiest I’ve been for my life. Between my last year of school, this site, my hobbies and overall trying to make my life better I find myself quite often mentally tired. And, if you have ever felt that way, you