Winter Skincare Routine

Winter is a harsh season.

Battling the winter winds is as hard as it sounds. Even if you are not in Siberia, it’s normal to get cold enough to make any man’s skin dry and cause irritation and discomfort. Normally we want to avoid this every winter, and most of the times we fail and we deal with the same BS for four months every year.

You can read all you want on the internet and spend your money for “designer” cosmetics when the truth is one:

“You will never know until you try!”

Now that we have that out of the way we can go on and me telling you all about my winter grooming routine.



Obviously, this will be the biggest part of this article and the biggest concern. This routine works perfectly for men (normal skin with very rare breakouts)
With that said let’s get started with the products:

Moisturizer – BUY

Clean Break Oil-Free Moisturizer

This moisturizer is the perfect one for me because you get a lightweight moisturizer that you can use whenever you want without feeling the layer of unwanted product on your face that you get from cheaper products.
It’s not the cheapest products out there but it definitely won’t break the bank.


The cleanser will be your second best friend when it comes to winter skin care.

Because of the cold weather dead skin forms easily. As you know clogged up pores lead to break outs and nasty looking skin at the end and that is something that all of us want to avoid. That’s why scrubbing your face two or three times a week is a very good idea and if you are not doing it by now you should, like immediately.
Go and check out Kiehl’s face scrub and decide if it’s for you. For me it does wonders!

Cleanser – BUY

Facial Fuel Energyzing Scrub

Now for every person is different. I’m still young so I don’t have to use anti-aging creams and if you are bellow 30 then you shouldn’t do it also. However, if you need to use one my pick would be Kiehl’s age defender. It doesn’t matter who I recommend it to they are all very delighted by the results.

Cream – BUY

Age Defender Moisturizer


The second most important part is grooming. Although my routine pretty much stays the same throughout the year it changes a bit during the winter.


If you can grow a full on manly beard then you are in the safe. If you are like me however and you have to shave your face every day or otherwise look like lazy then this is for you.

I’ve found that I can get away if I shave before bed. My facial hair doesn’t grow that fast, so I’ll just look as good as if I shaved in the morning, but if you can’t then just stick to the morning shave.
However instead of doing it first thing after waking up and brushing your teeth just have a coffee and let your skin adjust, then go and shave. This way your skin de-puffs from the night. You’ll also get a way closer shave that way and you won’t stress your skin.
I personally don’t use an aftershave because I think it’s too harming. If you want you can do so, but what I do is something that has been done by barbers for hundreds of years. After I shave I splash my face with ice cold water for 3 minutes to close my pores and avoid irritations. After that, I apply my moisturizer that we discussed above.

Final Words

This is my personal grooming routine. Usually every Sunday I will do my eyebrows and my hair. Every two weeks I will visit my barber and do my hair, but as I know a haircut costs quite a lot more in the US than it does in my country so you might want to start to maintain it a bit more by yourself and you would be able to get away with it for at least a month.

What’s your routine? Share it with the world with the comments bellow!

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