Top 5  Must Have’s For Back to School 

With the start of the new school year comes the time of buying new tech, changing your lifestyle quite a bit and giving quite of your time away for studying.

So in order to be prepared and to back the new school year/semester, we give you the top five must have’s that you should have in your life.

A great bag

Every gentleman should own at least one great bag. Choosing the right one will often be determined by what your lifestyle is and what is the most comfortable choice for you.

We have covered the topic on how to choose the best backpack for you and you can check it right here:

For a great bag check out Anson Calder’s collection here

A great laptop

Now if you are in college, typing isn’t the most pleasant experience. You have to be able to pack up a lightweight body and a durable battery to get you through the day without you worrying if it’s gonna give up on you.

Again the type of type of the laptop depends on what you are going to use it for and also on the price you are willing to spend on a laptop.

I know the Apple craze is all over the place, but if you are going to spend $1 000 for a MacBook Air just so you can type on it during your classes then you’ll be better of with a tablet with a keyboard. There are some pretty cool applications out there that do a great work importing your documents to Dropbox directly after saving.

The Right Pen

It doesn’t matter if you are going to use the best laptop to take notes there will be a time where you will have to jot down notes.

When that time comes you better be prepared with a great pen to help you do it. (Also some people are better learners when they write it down on paper, not born a laptop, so that applies to you too gentleman.)

 A phone scanner app

Yes, we feature an app here on Gentleman Zone. But paperback notes are so easy to get lost. Every time after a class is over I just snap a quick photo with my scanner app of choice and I’m ready to go. It’s so easier to organize and keep track of all your notes.

Bonus: Thomas Frank

If you are in school and you still haven’t found Thomas Frank’s YouTube channel and his website, you, my friend has been living in the dark. This is the best place to find studying and productivity tips from a guy that has done quite some trying. Go and check it out and see if it helps you!

Final Words

Most of those don’t apply strictly to college so you can feel free to incorporate anything from this list even if you are still in school.
Tell us if they helped you and share your tips that you’ve found helpful during your experience in college/school.

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