The Surprising Benefits of Nocturnal Fitness Endeavors


Desperate to step up their fitness game, people try out a bunch of crazy things, including complex exercises, shady supplements, and detrimental fad diets. Well, there is one other thing you can do and it does not require you to take the bad with the good. What you need to do is adjust your lifestyle and rethink your daily schedule. Namely, this change of pace could be the key to taking your training plan to the next level.

All in good time

The time of the day does influence our fitness performance, and this change is not the result of some mere placebo. As time rolls by, our body adapts and triggers and surpasses certain vital processes. It reacts to cues such as light and establishes a circadian rhythm. One of the key moments in any day is when you wake up, naturally. Some people are ready to get through the day with a bang, while others would rather engage in some bed twisting and tumbling.

This difference is not a matter of character, but mostly biology. Some people really do need a few hours in order to get their systems up and running. There are also those who are indifferent and can turn their attention to objective criteria, like their schedule, when it comes to setting the alarm clock. In any regard, to witness stellar results, you have to be at your best during every training session, and what matters is not only your physical preparedness but also your mental one.

Everything under the sun

As the sun descends on the horizon, some interesting changes take place. Our pain tolerance, adrenaline and body temperature level tend to go up. In the evening, our coordination, lung performance, and stamina are at their peak. Moreover, the abovementioned circadian rhythm dictates that our strength and flexibility step up, which is greatly beneficial for training sessions. Note, however, that some other systems like testosterone production, are in their prime during different parts of the day, and may not always coincide with the time you have chosen to train.

Be that as it may, it is safe to assume that for most people, the late afternoon is the time when mental and physical balance induce a strong performance. One can employ muscle-shocking techniques and break those tedious plateaus. Also, weightlifters should know that the spine flexes better in the evening, because it is compressed during the day. Thus, nighttime sessions allow athletes to maximize their performance and also steer clear of injuries.

Dark knights

There are some other issues beyond biology that need to be grasped. One of the chief problems is related to safety. Running at night, for example, requires you to stay vigilant, stick to known routes, and avoid risky places like dark alleys and unmarked trails. Traffic may be less busy, but if you want to spend some time out on the road, wear reflective clothing tape. And whenever possible, refrain from wandering alone and hit the pavement with a training partner.

Finally, you might have heard that exercising late is bad for your sleep. Well, this is a notion based on hearsay mostly, although there are people who find drifting away to dreamland harder after breaking a sweat. This is due to the fact that workout prompts the release of adrenaline, elevates body temperature, and increases heart rate. However, given enough time, your body returns to balance, and does not prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep. As a general rule of thumb, working out at any time of the day helps improve the length and quality of sleep.

Time it right

Switching to a different training plan can help you gain an edge in the fitness arena and reach your objectives faster. Apart from your schedule, you would be wise to consult hard evidence that science has been able to provide. Many workouts are best performed later in the day, as the body is more prepared to handle the tremendous amount of stress. But, there are numerous paths you can take to physical greatness. Whatever you do, just be consistent in your daily and fitness habits because that aids in preventing injuries and excess stress.

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