The Secret to Perfect Hair

Having a bad hair day is something that we, men got from the ladies.

It might sound girly, but there are many men that hate to have a sloppy hairstyle simply because looks bad. Needless to say, I’m one of those guys. Messy hair, fly-outs, grease hair, etc. are the worst for me. They look like you don’t shower and your hygiene levels are pretty low. Not a good think if you want to look nice in the eyes of the ladies.

So, we’ve talked about hair mistakes you might be doing, now I’m breaking to you my secret for always having a perfect hair.


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As you might think, you can’t have perfect hair if you don’t take right care for it.

Shampooing is one of the most important aspects of taking care of your hair. Using the wrong shampoo will most likely damage your hair rather than fix it and make it healthier. It’s best to consult with a doctor about the shampoo you have to use.

However if you don’t have any particular problems with your hair and you’ve found the perfect shampoo about you, I would suggest with washing your hair with it no more than four times a week. It’s okay to wash it with water only, but applying shampoo, and over washing it will make your hair greasier.

If you don’t use a conditioner you should start. Not only that it will make your hair smoother and healthier it’s going to be easier to style. Applying conditioner two times a week will ensure the longevity of your hair.

If you want to learn more about shampooing and conditioning your hair you can read the article I linked above.

Taking care of your hair is important, but, as you may know, you can’t achieve any hairstyle without the right product.

So, let’s take a look at the best products for every hair type.

Straight Hair

For straight hair is best to keep it short and classic styles suit it the best. It’s not easy to style and as a guy with straight hair, I can tell you that when it comes to applying a product less is more.

The Product:

  • Pomades

The Hairstyles:

Classic hairstyles work best. Everything like side parts, low lift pompadours, and undercuts is fine for this type of hair.

Wavy Hair

I used to have wavy hair a couple of years ago while I was going trough puberty. I think it’s the hardest hair type for styling it. So, I’d suggest to keep it anywhere around short to medium. If you have wavy thick hair then you would want to go with a classic haircut, but everything from short to long hairstyles will work.

The Product:

Natural clay products are awesome for the lighter hair. If you have thin hair go with clay. If you have thicker hair and a longer hairstyle the product of choice should be pomade.

Curly Hair

Curly hair is naturally hard to style. A big part of how your hairstyle will look like is by the way the hair is cut, so make sure your barber is good.

The Product: For curly hair you can go with matte clay.

But just owning a product doesn’t give you a great hairstyle, you actually have to learn how to apply it.

This is where most men make the mistake. Applying the product needs a little bit more knowledge than usual. The right way is to start with a dampen hair. Dry hair will result in your hair not holding to the shape you want it to be.  The first thing you have to consider is the amount of the product. Start with a small amount, about a dime size, and mix it in your palms. After that, work it well into your hair starting from the back of your head to the front. If you need more product then use more. A nice trick to remember is to never use a comb after you’ve put the product, only your hands.

So, gentleman, that’s my secret to the perfect hair. Using the right products and knowing how to maintain your hair. Everything comes down to experience and after a few tries, you’ll get it yourself.

– Evgeni Asenov

What are your secret tricks to always having a perfect hairstyle?
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  1. We love your blog and I wonder if conditioner is good for your hair. Because it makes it tinner?

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