The Beginners Guide to Buying a Watch

A wristwatch is probably the single most elegant accessory a gentleman can own.

But if you are entirely new to watches, finding a new watch can be quite hard. Often times you might get scammed with your first timepiece. And that’s not your fault. It takes an experienced eye to notice a good watch from a fake.

But that’s about to end right here because what follows is the simple guide to finding a nice watch.

First the simple stuff.

The first thing you should do before you start looking for a watch is to determine what your watch is going to be. Watches are divided into three categories:

  • Entry Level Luxury Watches – $1000 and under
  • Mid-Range Luxury Watches – $1000 to $20 000
  • High-End Luxury Watches – $20 000 and above

Now if you are looking throughout the internet for a watch guide then I’d assume you are not going to spend more than $1000 USD and you are looking for a great looking and timeless watch in the entry level watches.

Don’t let the word ‘entry’ confuse you. There are some great watches in that price point that should definitely grab your attention. It is probably the broadest category of watches and you have quite a lot to choose from.

Entry Level Watch Brands to Look For

The things that make an entry level watch great.

Now that we have separated the different watch categories it’s time to take a look what separates a great $500 Orient watch from it’s $70 fake that you think it’s such a sweet deal.

The Brand

Before buying from any retailer make your research on the watch brand. Nowadays pretty much every watch maker has a website where you can look up the price for the different models and have this as a starting point. It fairly easy to email the makers and ask if the retailer you are planning to buy from is legit. However, that is not always 100% sure method so let’s take a look at what you should be looking for in the watch itself.

The Feel

Any well made timepiece should have a solid feeling construction. What you should expect for a watch in this price range is a fairly heavy metal body. Take a close look at the material of the watch. It shouldn’t have any plastic parts that are used in the making of the watch. The bracelet or the strap of the watch should look and feel solid. Put the watch on and check how the clasp works. It should operate smoothly and with a nice action.

The Glass

When buying a watch you should for it to have a sapphire crystal glass. The difference between the sapphire crystal and mineral glass is that the first is really good resisting scratches while the latter won’t shatter upon stronger impact. Taking into consideration where you’ll wear this watch you can pick the best glass for your watch and your lifestyle. However, it’s a rarity to completely shatter your watch’s glass.

The Movement

There are two movements you should be interested in. Swiss and Japanese movements are the best you can get. Most likely watches in that price range feature Japanese movement.

The way to know what movement you watch is using is to look closely on the dial. Somewhere should be written the movement your watch is using. One thing you should not worry about is if the movement is mechanical or quartz. At this price point, you’ll be better with a quartz movement though it’s not a hard task to find mechanical watches too.

Final Words

Is there anything that you would add to this list?

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