Hi, I am Sean. I am currently a final year law undergraduate and will start commercial practice in dispute resolution next year. On the side, I help with the brand development of A. Azthom. A. Azthom is a total look menswear label that I help found back in 2014. We have a huge focus on RTW menswear and accessories. In particular, we do a lot of ties, cufflinks, and bracelets which form the core of the brand.

I am from Singapore. Singapore is really humid all year round, which makes wearing a suit difficult for some. However, in the recent couple of years, you can really see Singaporeans males starting to dress a little better. Gone are the flip-flops and shorts. Instead, we see a lot more guy investing in street wear. To some extent classic menswear. Hopefully, this positive trend continues.

Describe your first experience you have of wearing a suit.

I had to attend the Miss Universe Singapore show, and the dress code stated “Black Tie”. I had to figure out what that meant at 18 (as I said Singapore does not have a strong suit culture). Of course, I was excited but yet I didn’t have a tux. I remember I ended up wearing a midnight blue suit with peak lapels. I remember feeling quite good with my friends that night, and I guess that’s where I became aware of my passion for menswear.

Why did you start dressing up?

My mom was a huge influence. She always made sure we were dressed to the nines whenever we headed out. And as I became a young adult, you start to understand the importance of what you wear. It’s not about a suit, tie or a three-piece wherever I went. It’s about dressing the occasion. And I have to admit, back then as an 18-years old teenager, a large part of it was thinking what to wear for a night out.

The single best outfit a man can invest into in your opinion?

A nice dark suit, a white shirt, Goodyear welted shoes and belt of a matching color. Dress it up with an elegant watch, some cufflinks if you like and I would add a pocket square. For me, pocket squares are a must.

The single best advice you could give to any man?

In terms of dressing? Always dress for the occasion and if you are invited somewhere, respect the dress code set by the host. It doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. With the number of high street brands these days, getting an appropriate attire is really doable.

The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear “self-improvement” is…

Humility. To improve, you need to accept criticisms of yourself.

The first thing you do in the morning is…

Take my rescue dog, who I love very much, for his walk.

What is the thing that keeps you motivated…

Unfulfilled potential.

Who is the person you accept as your mentor?

I have three. My older brother, who is the largest influence in my life. My boss who distributes designer menswear labels in Singapore. And my senior in law school. He is a real mentor and has started practicing in the law firm that I will be working at.

The most versatile garment you can think of?

A crisp white shirt!

Your favorite garment?

I am going to sidetrack. But I would have to say my stash of bracelets and cufflinks from Tateossian and Azthom.


Evgeni Asenov

For the last 4 years I've been enthusiastic about men's style, lifestyle and fashion. Trough trial and error I've learned some things in this area and now I'm here to share with everyone who might be interested.

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