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Hi, Gents.
Today I want to talk about speaking skills.
Most of us are never going to master the art of speaking.
And it is not that easy.
Even the most granded speakers make mistakes.

There is nothing like to feel comfortable at speaking good.
It is exciting how you can make new friends just by starting a little chat.
So, I would like to tell you some little steps that would help you speak much better.

First of all is to speak clearly.You do not like listening to man who can’t say a word properly and clearly.
Choose a volume, keep it same trough the whole conversation, speech, presentation or whatever.

The next thing is to have a flow.If you don’t have it than develop it.
Just take a look at any river.The water hits many stones, rocks, trees, but it still looks fine and smooth.

Mastery topics.Choose topics that you are passionate about, that you love talking about.
It is much easier to talk about topics that you are interested in.You have so much to talk about them.And you are much more likely to take the listeners into your world.

Style is another thing you should think about.
No matter the quality of the content coming out of your mouth, if you can’t present it with a style then you will lost your listeners.
If you can’t develop a style, try to steal one.

The practice is of a big importance.it would help you to see the mistakes you make.
And it would lead to the fix of these mistakes.

Now it is all up to you.You are the one who should take the next step.
Read and start practicing.

See you on the next one…
-Ch. N.

Evgeni Asenov

For the last 4 years I've been enthusiastic about men's style, lifestyle and fashion. Trough trial and error I've learned some things in this area and now I'm here to share with everyone who might be interested.

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